The use of the term hooligan to criminalze dissent!!!!!!

30 Sep

At the last several sentencing hearings of G20 activist, one notices a pattern of the state attacking and depolitisizing the nature of peoples charges by using such words as hooligan, vandals, criminals and organized crime.

This line of argument falls into the general line of the state that Canada has no political prisoners and those who are arrested are criminals and thugs and while the state may have tried to push this line to the media, the reality of the situation is very different especially if one notes who is being targeted and how.

In their own papers they themselves talk about criminal ideology, identifying those that must be monitored as Marxists, Maoists, Anarchists and socialists. Furthermore, they themselves admit that the “acts of violence” committed by protestors were ideologically motivated and not simply crime for the sake of crime. The targets at the g20 were of political significance and whether or not you agree with the tactics, the truth of the situation was that those who were engaging in those tactics were not acting in a vacuum but rather were responding to one of the biggest political operations aimed at criminalizing dissent and brutalizing people indiscriminately simply for taking a stand against those conspiring to implement austerity at home and nation wrecking abroad.

By this very definition those arrested at the g20 regardless of different tactics are political prisoners who were engaging in politically motivated acts and as a result are in jail.

Furthermore, those targeted for infiltration and attack, who were all public organizers were not targeted because of a history of violence or crime but rather because of there ideologies and participation in open political work with those most attacked by the state, anti poverty activists, indigenous solidarity and anti colonialist movements, demonstrating that the criminalization is not based on anything other then patrolling and controlling those whose views do not fall in line with the neo liberal colonialist model pushed by the g20.

Given all this information it becomes clear that by using terms like hooligans to describe activists what the state is trying to do is to normalize the criminalization of dissent, and all their talk of democracy and the political process and rights will be exposed as meaningless unless they can shift the paradigm in public consciousness and convince people that to be political is equal to being a hooligan and a anti social element.

If one reads the propaganda of dictatorships and puppet regimes imposed by the anglo american imperialist alliance, of which Canada plays a significant role, one sees the language that the state is using here against us by the state as part of the normal discourse, and all uprisings or political dissent is referred to as hooliganism. this is the climate the state wants to create here, this is the climate that we most oppose!!!!!Silence on this issue of criminalization of political people must be oppossed, because to lose site of the political nature of this attack on activists plays into their hands and allows them to set the stage where to be political is a crime!!!!!


One Response to “The use of the term hooligan to criminalze dissent!!!!!!”

  1. Michael October 20, 2012 at 7:58 pm #

    We’re living in an insane time when poverty isn’t outlawed but free thought and speech is. If it’s the hooligans speaking out against the outrageous crimes of our government, our banks and our corporations (who all hypocritically seek to punish and penalize us for petty and imaginary crimes) than I’m proud to be a hooligan.

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