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g20 Sentencing Decision for George Horton Norabuena – Come out and support!

23 Sep

Sentencing Decision for George Horton Norabuena – Come out and support!

Friday, September 28, 2012
Old City Hall (60 Queen St W)
When: Friday September 28th at 10am
Where: Old City Hall (60 Queen St W)

[Note: As always there is a security check, please leave time to get through the line and find the courtroom. Room updates will be posted here on facebook and on twitter via @g20mobilize]

George John Horton Norabuena is an amazing photographer and activist from Peterborough being sentenced for anti G20 protest related charges this Friday September 28th. George has been involved in Food not Bombs and a variety of other projects, besides being an animal lover and traveller.

On this court date the judge will be giving her sentencing decision and George will be taken into custody.

George was convicted on May 15th 2012 on six charges related to the anti-G20 protests on the Saturday of the G20 weekend in Toronto in 2010. He was arrested later in the fall after the G20 when an individual wrote in to Toronto Police implicating him in alleged actions during the demonstrations.

George is facing a potential 20 months in prison.

George was convicted of:
-disguise with intent to commit an indictable offence
-intimidation of a justice system participant
-assault peace officer (police)
-3 counts of mischief over $5000

If you know George or even if you have never met him before, he and his friends and loved ones would appreciate your support at his sentencing.

Check out George’s photography work here:

******Continued Support******
ABC Peterborough will be supporting George throughout his time in jail. Check out for updates on George’s mailing address, updates from George and how to help financially support him.


On the anniversary of OCCUPY, Let Us Reclaim Our Community!! Callout for Reclaiming Victoria Park in Kitchener Oct. 15th!!

22 Sep

On the anniversary of OCCUPY, Let Us Reclaim Our Community!! Callout for Reclaiming Victoria Park in Kitchener Oct. 15th!!

Oct 15th 5 PM
Victoria Park gazebo on The Island, Kitchener
BBQ at 5, General Assembly at 7

One year after the launch of the Occupy movement, the political problems that gave birth to this movement are still not resolved. The ruling class continues to get rich off of the backs of exploitation, the gap between the rich and poor is growing and we are still cut off from the power to determine our own destiny.

In Kitchener Waterloo poor neighborhoods are under attack to serve the interests of developers and the rich, the homeless community is under attack and more and more factories are closing and moving to countries where they can steal resources and get cheap labour, continuing the plunder of imperialism at the expense of workers here. We don’t want a robinhood tax or to sandpaper the class contradictions, WE DEMAND A SOCIETY FIT FOR HUMANS!!!

Join us on Oct. 15th to take a stand and resist this. ALL WELCOME!!!

The big gap between what is legal and what is right!!!!

21 Sep

In court the other day, at my preliminary hearing, one thing that became obvious to most people who were watching was the absurdity of the charges that I am facing and the huge gap between what is morally right and what the law is.

Time after time after time i put forward very good political and legal arguments that were discarded because of what the letter of the law is. This is despite the fact that the way in which this publication ban was used to silence me is absurd and goes against the spirit of what law should be.

This is not because i had an evil judge, it was plain to everyone that the judge would have loved nothing more than throwing out my charges, which i hoped to accomplish, but what got in the way was this little thing called “the law” and how it is to be enforced.

Given the fact that it was a preliminary hearing, not a trial, my main legal arguments could not be ruled on by anything other than a Superior court, and despite the fact that my arguments won most people over, and i could not hope for a more just and fair judge, due to legalism she was forced to rule against me and to allow this to proceed( its a pity she wont be the judge at my trial).

This is the problem with the argument about changing the system from within, IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!Even if you get the most honest person, the institutions are so entrenched and power is so well guarded that at the end of the day, you have no choice but to play their game. The reality is also that to gain power in their system you are forced to make concessions, and you say you are making them for the best reason, but eventually you are forced to make so many that you have become the person you are fighting against and you try to justify your position of power and privilege by saying you are doing it for the right reasons, but at the end of the day, you have become the power, and your “pluralism” just plays into the justification of crushing those who have refused to sellout!!!

Preliminary Inquiry finds grounds for commital,next court date Oct. 31st

18 Sep

The desision of the judge today at the Preliminary inquiry to find grounds to proceed is not a suprise nor is it a huge significant victory for the state. Yes it may be true that with this finding the political prosecution of myself continues, yet it is also true that we have learned many new things, or thather that we have confirmed what we already new.

1. The state has not stopped its electronic survellance of my blog.
2. That the police has crossed international borders and coperated with other police agencies to stop people from talking about there dirty tricks before the publication ban
3. Non political people who have allegedly broke the publication ban have not been charged, showing that it is an instrument to contiue imposing a silence on what happened.
4. Political survelliance, targetting and attacks are alive and well in “this great country”

Aside from this i raised many issues that will assist me at jury trial, which I wont blog about. I would like to thank everyone who has helped or supported including The WCC, Ash, Brandon, Rev. Cornel OZ, my old roomies, Toronto ABC, Patsy, Dio etc. I would really like to thank Mandy Hiscocks for agreeing to come from jail, be transported just to answer three four important questions. It was really good to see her and her assistance was very important!!!!

my Statement before court read by Rev/ Oz Cornel

18 Sep

I stand here before you gagged by the Canadian state, on trial because I Chose to speak out against the forced silence by the state on the dirty tricks played by the state on political activists in the lead up to the G20. My “crime” being the fact that i spoke up about my experiances in the lead up to the g20 being target, infiltrated and criminalized by the state appartus simply for beinga political organizor and holding the “criminal” idology of Marxism Leninism.

During the summit, behind the fence guarded by thousands of officers, with a security budget of $1.2billion, the forces that assasinated Salvador Allende, the real conspiritors, were plotting murder, austerity and forced invasions of coutries such as Lybia for the purpose of filling there pockets and consolidating there power and hedgemony. These real criminals, Britain, Canada,The U$, Germany and France, imperialist nations whose crimes include colonialism, genocide, unprovoked war and occupation, act with impunity and caary out there crimes against humanity unopposed, while at the same time those of us who are organizing to fight for a just peace and social justice have the whole weight of the state used against us to criminalize us and silence our dissent.

This criminal security state who has attacked us and attempted to criminalize us are the real criminals. They are the ones who invade other nations, commit genocide against the peoples of the world, rape the planet, steal resourses and jaill all who oppose them and they are the ones who should be standing trial for the crimes that there colonialist and capitalist instituions are perpetrating here and abroad. Even as we speak, the Canadian state that is putting me on trial is conspiring to invade Iran ignoring all international law, simply to prove that they can play the role asighned to them by the New Anglo American Imperialist alliance.

Yet it is me that stands before you on trial, simply because i chose to write down the truth of the infiltration and attack on political organizors who were targetted simply because of the fact that they oppose the crimes of the imperialist nations perpetrated here and abroad. Those of us whom they focused there covert ops on were not chosen on the basis of this false dicotmoy of good vs bad protestors that the state like to promote but rather on the basis that our ideogies that we hold were not pleasing to the state.

The reason why I am being charged is because I refused to allow the state to hide and cover up the truth about the infiltration and criminalization of those of us who reject the imperialist asperations of the criminal conspiritors called the g20. i refused to allow this incident to fade away from the collective memory like the dirty tricks that were played by the RCMP in the 70’s against political organizers have faded. I refused to be silent while there version of the truth was openly being promoted at the expense of the facts that our only crime is to organize and for this the state is willing to put all resourses it can to silence, criminalize and attack us!!!!!

I am aware of the fact that the state and the crowns are willing todo whatever they can to get a conviction and to make me suffer since I refused to be silenced and refused to take down the blog where i speak about my experiance at the hands of the infilitraitors. i expect nothing less from the state that is currently incarcerating Amanda Hiscocks and Alex Hudert. We are living in a time of severe political oppression at home and war and nation wrecking abroad. Yet there repression breads resistance and for every one of us they take out three are willing to stand up and take our place. I am ready and prepared for whatever they throw at me. i have not been silenced, nor will they be able to destroy the movement that I am apart of. I have nothing but contempt for there system and expect no justice from there kangeroo courts. I remain unbroken, Un repentant and still a Marxist Leninist.

Why a political defense is the only way to fight my political charges

17 Sep

Why a political defense is the only way to fight my political charges

Since i got charged last yearfor refusing to take down my blog regarding the peace of shit infiltrator who goes by the name Khalid Mohhamed I have decided to do several things with my defense that have irritated some of my close friends, I have chosen to fight these charges on a political basis as opposed to play within the framework of a system desighned from the outset to criminalize political people and normalize and justify the repression. Many liberal organizations that work with me on a variety of issues were surprised that I refused to take charator refferencesthat talk about how much good work I do in the community on the basis that unless they support an end to political persecution of activists they are useless to me.

The reality of the situation is that these charges that I am facing are due to the fact that i chose to write a blog based on my personal experiance of being targetted for survellance and infiltration based on the fact that my ideology is deemed “criminal” by the state due to the fact that i am a proud Marxist Leninist. Everything that followed afterwords stems from this fact. To play into there game and deal with this as a criminal matter only goes to justify the narrative put forward by the crown, the OPP, CSIS, RCMP and various other police and inntelligence services that make up the SIU, a police body who mointered, criminalized and tried to contain any who chose to dissent against the 2010 Olympics taking place on stolen native land and those who chose to oppose the agenda of the g20 taking place in Toronto.

To fight this on there levelmeans that I must accept the idea that to be political makes one a criminal, and public political people get seen as persons of interests or suspects, something i cant accept.

To me the issue of refusing to take down my blog was a political desision based on the fact that others were intimidate by the state to shut up and not discuss what happenned with the covert ops launched by the state to target, imprison and silence dissent vis a vis the g20. The reason that the state wanted to silence this has nothing to do with the sftey of there operatives who testified in open court, but rather so that the people living in this territory would be unaware of the extent in which dirty tricks against political people are the norm, creating the space for in which they can continue these attacks.

Every desision on dealing with this case therefore must achieve two things

1. To expose the extent to which the state will go to criminalize political organizors

2. Fight for our right to hold whatever political views we chose to hold.

3. Force the state to admit the political nature of these charges, as well as the fact that those now in jail stemming from g20 related charges as well as others who are incarecerated because of there politica are not hoodlums and thugs but rather political prisoners and should be treated accordingly.

These two goals cant be achieved in the framework set up by the system and a legal defense that negates the political nature of these charges serves the interests of the state who has yet to admit that they hold any political prisoners.

While I am expected to play my role in there kangeroo court, holding my head in shame and being fearful and repentant, I instead chose to do the only thing that is politically and logically sound, fight these charges politically, and hold high my bright red banner of Marxism Leninism refusing to be ashamed of my ideology or politics.

When confronted by a state that attempts to criminalize and demonize people due to there politics the onlysolution is not to water down your politics in an attempt to appease a system whose goals is to uphold power and priveledge but rather to take it head on and make the issue the criminalization of politics. I refuse to be ashamed of my ideology and I will win or lose based on that. Tommorrow in court I will show that in the face of state attack the only way forward is to resist, and I will do this as a Marxist Leninist.

Mandy Hiscocks blog about me and Dans case

16 Sep

cops, courts, censorship: support Julian and Dan!
Published by mandyon Fri, 2012-09-07 09:26mandy’s blog

on november 14, 2011, Julian Ichim published a blog post about his experience as the target of an undercover cop in the lead up to the G20 Summit in Toronto in 2010. you can read the post here. the following day the crown decided to press charges against him, and he was arrested by Waterloo Regional Police at his house one week later. the charges/ three counts of Disobey Court Order – one for each time he used the cop’s alias Khalid Mohamed. the reason? at the preliminary inquiry into the case against the G20 Main Conspiracy Group the judge had ordered a publication ban on the real and fake names of both undercover cops. and for this alleged violation of that order, the crown would like to see Julian sentenced to at least two years in jail. all this despite the fact that the undercover cop in question testified in open court at the prelim for 14 days between september 13 and october 14 under his real name Bindo Showan, and that the publication ban was dropped on november 22, within days of Julian’s arrest. the names and aliases of both undercovers were published that same day by the CBC and the Globe and Mail.

so we’ll file this one under Ridiculous and Vindictive Prosecutions, shall we? it can go right beside the similar “case” against Dan Keller.

Dan was a target of the same OPP undercover operation as Julian. on august 28, 2011, he published a blog post after heading that Showan had been seen in Toronto. three days later he was arrested by the Ontario Provincial Police and charged with Criminal Defamation, Counsel Assault, Criminal Harassment (since dropped) and Intimidation (added later). unfortunately as a condition of his release on bail Dan had to agree to take the post down so you can’t judge the bullshitness of these charges for yourself, however it appears that the Counsel Assault charge related to the rather poetic suggestion that should Showan be seen again, people “spit in his footsteps and scoff at his existence.” The crown alleges that the post made Showan and the other undercover (Brenda Carey, aka Brenda Doherty) unsafe, and has said he’s looking for a jail sentence of six months to two years.

these ongoing persecutions – oh, sorry, i meant to say prosecutions- are nothing more than political harassment of activists by a crown attorney’s office that has been unable to secure the long G20-related sentences they so badly wanted. it’s blatant state censorship under the guise of security – after all if the cops were so concerned about the safety of their spies why would they have Showan, directly linked to his alias, testify in open court? why would his name, rank and unit have been given to all of the oh-so-scary alleged conspirators in our disclosure?

everyone’s talking about Pussy Riot these days. let’s also show our support for free speech a little closer to home. Julian’s preliminary inquiry is on september 18 at Old City Hall in Toronto, courtroom A. for more information, updates, or if you’d like to offer your support (financial or otherwise) check out his blog. Dan’s trial is the first two weeks of december, also at Old City Hall in Toronto. keep an eye out for information, updates and ways you can support him here.