On the anniversary of OCCUPY, KW OCCUPY Takes a Bank!!!

16 Oct

On October 15th members of KW Occupy met in front of Cityhall to commemorate the one years anniversary of this global movement and take a stand.

People Unfurled a banner and red flags and gave out three pizzas, then were approached by security to ask if they would be camping. Given the severe Canadian cold weather yesterday it was decided that this would not be the case.

When security was told this and that we would be giving speeches then marching, City hall decided to try to drown out our speeches with really cheesy elevator music. Security was approached by one member and told to turn down the music.

After speeches were given and free food was given out, people began to march “chanting their money our blood, and other slogans it became clear to those watching that this wasnt simply a protest against inequality or poverty but that this was a protest against capitalism itself.

Protestors then entered Toronto Dominion bank and gave a speech on the Drumond report which was a report given by a TD financier which is responsible for the cuts to social services and austerity that the Liberals are implementing provincially. After a speech was given in the bank protestors continued to chant anti banker slogans and left when arrest became a possibility.

Bank managers followed protestors outside and demanded that we stop protesting because our protest is illegal and other such nonsense, complaining about permits etc.

We continued to marched through the Bus terminal into Victoria Park where we held our General Assembly. Plans were made to continue our struggle and hit more targets of the capitalist establishment in the coming months as well as hold General assembly’s every second Tuesday.

The event ended with a workshop on “Non Violent Direct Action” and a sense of victory. We will continue to organize and fight until this system that feeds on the blood of the workers and exploited is destroyed!!!!


One Response to “On the anniversary of OCCUPY, KW OCCUPY Takes a Bank!!!”

  1. Michael October 20, 2012 at 7:49 pm #

    Glad that the banks were targeted. These crooks have been acting behind the scenes, coming up with frauds and pyramid schemes to siphon our savings to their offshore accounts for years. TD bank presidents have also attended the elite Bilderberg Group meetings where the wealthy and powerful work to manipulate our society to their benefit. It’s time to get together and throw these money changers out of the temple.

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