Despite McGuintys Resignation, Liberals STILL unfit to govern!!!!

18 Oct

Dedicated to KAPP, who inspired me to write this


Dalton Mcguintys resignation as premier of Ontario is not as unexpected as the Media would have us believe. For years he has been the head of a government that has steamrolled over the aspirations of the people despite being elected on a platform of rejecting cuts and “restoring a human face” to governance.

Promising Ontario a fresh start and a rejection of the austerity economics of the Harris era, under Dalton McGuinty one saw the consolidation and institutionalization of the policies that he allegedly rejected while in opposition.

In the last several years the Liberal party has shown itself to be not an alternative to the Conservatives, but rather another face of the same political policies, going further then Harris in cutting social services, community start-up and attacking workers right collective bargaining, destroying any base of support he ever had among the teachers.

His treacherous dealing at the g20 with the Five mile lies, as well as his opportunism in the most recent by election in KW both blew up in his facing, proving to even the most hardened Liberal that McGuinty has to go.

Taking a page from his predecessor Mike Harris, McGuinty has chosen to step down because he is so hated that if the Liberal party is to survive the next election it must be done without him. But changing the face wont change the policy’s and agenda of those who control and finance this monster. As with Ernie Eves replacing Harris, whomever replaces McGuinty will continue his policy of slash and burn, a policy that was started by the NDP under Bob Rae and carried forward by every administration since.

The only way forward is to reject the politics of financiers and capitalists and to have workers and Peoples of this province set their own agenda. If anything the experience of the movement over the last 22 years shows that the days of Keynsian economy are over, and if we are to resist this new anti human agenda it can only be done if we stop looking for solutions to those who have betrayed us again and again and set our own agenda.


3 Responses to “Despite McGuintys Resignation, Liberals STILL unfit to govern!!!!”

  1. Al October 18, 2012 at 1:11 am #

    Up here in Elmira we were first betrayed by the NDP (Ruth Grier as Environment Minister), then the Conservatives and finally by the Liberals. It’s getting harder and harder to support any mainstream Party. Now if our good friend Doug were running for office we’d sure know who to vote for. (ABD)

    • doug October 18, 2012 at 1:32 am #

      I’m afraid you wouldn’t want me as Premier.I never liked Dalton but I was a Harris fan,surprise surprise. So who would you like to see take over now?

  2. Al October 18, 2012 at 7:45 pm #

    Having studied Canadian politics decades ago, I’ve always been a fan of minority governments. I could live with a minority consisting of any and all parties including Greens, NDP, Tories, Liberals and Independents.

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