22 Oct

Anti Fascist Callout


On October 29th the Jewish Defense League (JDL) is having an event commemorating the death of the infamous racist “Rabbi” Meir Kahane, founder of the JDL and the Kahanist movement. Kahanism has been behind terrorist attacks on civilians, racist mass murders, bombings, and promotion of racial hatred on a large scale. The JDL Canada also has ties with other fascist groups like the English Defense League (EDL), the Austrian Freedom Party, and smaller groups and individual racists and fascists. They have established themselves as the vanguard of Islamophobia in Canada, taking every opportunity to demonize Arabs, Muslims, and anyone who opposes their twisted ideology. They have a well documented history of racism, sexism, homophobia, and violent tendencies to those who oppose them.

We must stand in solidarity with the victims of Kahanism by showing the JDL they’re not welcome anywhere. Their celebration of Meir Kahane’s life is a celebration of fascism that should be shut down.

Calling on anti-fascists, anti-racists, and concerned community members to come out and take a stand!
JDL event:


Some background info:


  1. Trevor Brainin October 23, 2012 at 9:37 pm #

    Bring it on

    • Trevor Brainin October 31, 2012 at 12:53 am #

      So on Monday night we waited and waited for you anti semites to show up at the Zionist Centre for the protest against our memorial service to the great Rabbi Kahane None of you cowards showed up. Are you scared of us or realized in fact what Rabbi Kahane said is the truth. We celebrated his words and deads and baruch hashem it wont be long until we see what he said come into being. It has already started. Look around the world at every conflict and by some coincidence in every conflict throughout the world the one common denominater is extreme Islam. Why is that so? The answer is Muslims seek only one thing and that is world domination with Islam as the only religion and Sharia as the only law. As they continue on that path and the world awakens to these Islamists and the carnage and slaughter of innocent men, women and babies in the name of Allah so the disgust of these savages grows. It is a shame that you have not chosen the correct side of this and continue to allow yourselves to be manipulated by the Islamists. The thing that I cannot understand is that you are also a target the Islamists yet you continue to do there work for them They must be sitting there laughing at the fools working for them. Wake up before it is to late

  2. The Man October 23, 2012 at 10:47 pm #

    You ignoramuses know that Jews do not terrorize the world with fascist-totalitarianism like Islamists do but you must target Jews to take the attention away from the conquest of Islam in Europe, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Iran, etc.Take care of your own hateful ideology that is bringing death and destruction to both Muslims and non-Muslims. Don’t make me laugh when you try to compare defense of human life that we subscribe to in the West and Israel with destruction of human life as advanced by Islamists worldwide.

  3. Dr. Stephen R. Avrington October 24, 2012 at 12:04 am #

    A very interesting article. As I read through it I become perplexed after coming onto the subject of this Meir Kahane fellow, his JDL and Islam. After reading, perhaps 5 of his books, I’ve found no racism to be truthful and no real extremism once one places the various facts and circumstances into perspective. Let’s face it, from his Orthodox Jewish perspective he believes, or the Jewish theologies: Religious Zionism, desires an State of Israel which, let’s face it, is a very tiny are, that is to be a Jewish country with a society predicated on Jewish culture and faith. Since the Jews overwhelmingly contribute positively within and toward any advanced civilized peaceful society, I can see really nothing wrong with this line of thought.
    I find subject of Zionism very interesting when directly compared to Islam for example that holds the theological jurisprudence demanding an entire World under Islam and Sharia. That said, especially according to Indian/Hindu Historian K.S. Lal, and the Islamic text themselves, allows one to state the folly within any such obtuse label as “Islamophobia” especially when directed toward the non-Muslim. The non-Muslim should be very concerned, especially women and homosexuals considering I can name none, of the over 50 once non Islamic countries, that afford equality, women’s rights or have any near positive views or legal recognition directed toward the Homosexual community. The aforementioned should be extremely Islamophobic; that is scared of Islam and sharia.
    Lastly, the use of the extremist Left Wing label of “Fascist” when directed toward this radical outspoken Orthodox Rabbi, his JDL, the EDL and especially the Right Wing Conservative Freedom Party allows the reader to come to the conclusion that the author of the article has limited understanding of the various socio-political ideologies. To prove my point “Left Wing” is diametrically opposite to “Right Wing”. Therefore, extreme Left Wing is Total Government: No Freedom: Total Force Equality: Dictatorship which may come in the form of extreme Socialism: Communism, Nazism (National Socialism) or Fascism: (State Socialism) or a King/Despot while the opposite would be No Government, Total Freedom, And Total Individual/Inequality: Anarchism: Libertarianism: Constitutionalism/Republicanism or, when backed by a moral code in a Western sense, one can state Conservatism. Very easy to chart via elementary graph, plot the varous titles/ labels and see for yourself….
    Dr. Stephen Avrington

  4. Red Rakhmetov October 24, 2012 at 6:05 pm #

    Kahanism as despicable and hateful a movement as it is, inaction towards it’s terrorism is in part what has resulted in Israel being completely transformed into an apartheid state as most of the views held by the curmudgeon Kahane are now the norm;

    The complete silencing of any anti-Israel sentiment has allowed for the emergence in the 21st century a truly fascist state that is getting more reactionary. Even Hitler at his most delusional would not have been capable of imagining the creation of such a religio(quasi-ethnic)-based state like Israel.

    The JDL is not just Zionist but completely fascist and it’s a shame when victims of the holocaust are remembered but victims of the cowardly hatred of the Kahanists forgotten. This is the opportunity to bring to public what the JDL actually is. Antifa has to step up to the plate since unlike most fascist movements which are usually confined to periphery fringes the JDL has mainstream right wing financing and support. It’s rhetoric being very hateful and out of touch, it’s very easy to confront and fight the JDL and turn the public against it – all that is needed is action; and this Bronze Age religion fascism will be stopped from spreading it’s hate/

    And please “Doctor” Stephen R. Avrington, shut the fuck up – you have no clue what you are talking about with your laughable definitions you charlatan. “Very easy to chart via elementary graph, plot the varous titles/ labels and see for yourself” Really?? ROFLMAO – what happens when charlatans thinks they have had a a eureka moment xD Made my day with a laugh though =D

    • josh October 28, 2012 at 11:39 pm #

      as jdl socialists, we are also active in the occupy wall street movement, support kyoto, anti-poverty programmes, raising the minimum wage and other progressive policies which you opose. again, we will win because the people of israel know that rabbi kahane was right and his ideas will prevail.

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