Fundraiser for my legal costs at the 460 this Monday Cancelled, OPPOSE THE JDL!!!

24 Oct

The Fundraiser/political discussion on nationwrecking and criminalization of dissent here that was suppose to take place this mondy at 7 is cancelled. Though I am seriously indebt from fighting legal charges and do need these transcripts recent targetting of my blog by JDL for posting a callout for an event to oppose the JDL’s agenda on the same date and time has made it quite clear to me and other organizors that as revolutionarys and anti colonialists our first obligation is to our comrades that are brutalizaed and targettted in the third world, particularly by zionists and colonialists such as the JDL. I ask all those who were going to comeout to my fundraiser to instead attend the picket opposing the JDL!!!!

Here is the link to the post!!!

5 Responses to “Fundraiser for my legal costs at the 460 this Monday Cancelled, OPPOSE THE JDL!!!”

  1. Canadian Defence League October 25, 2012 at 1:40 am #

    Julian it appears YOU are a terrorist, anarchist, anti-nationalist bastard. What we detest about you social justice blots is that you have no vision, goals or premise only premeditated destructive tendencies. You rant in a pedantic, nonsensical and inane manner. I suggest you consider becoming a de-naturalised citizen of Canada and move to Afghanistan where you’d fit right in with the islamic sympathizing FLITH that you are.

    • doug October 25, 2012 at 2:37 am #

      Poor Julian is getting his ass handed to him by the CDL now. LOL. I think you should move to Cuba where your almost dead buddy Castro still runs that wonderful country that you so love.

  2. JDL UK October 25, 2012 at 12:04 pm #

    Only deluded communists, terrorists, anarchists, the scourge of antifa, socialists and desperate low lives find it necessary to beg people not to attend a particular event.
    And only NAZIS use the word “Zionist” to refer to Jews because even they are pathetically afraid of political correctness.

    Hahaah… a picket to oppose the JDL. how amusing that must be! Tell me, how do you sleep at night when you know that your commie and islamofascist friends are out there in the world, raping children, murdering non-muslims, burning Christians and Hindus and even Buddhists, trying to COLONIZE our countries, and worse, promoting paedophilia and polygamy?

    Don’t answer me because I could not really give a damn. I just came to point out that your efforts are fruitless and the JDL will never give up. Never again.

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