JDL, CDL and memories of organizing with Anti Racist Action

25 Oct

One of the first things that got me from being a book Marxist to an actual organizer was getting beat up by NAZIS in front of my highschool and no one doing anything about it. The 1990’s in KW was prime time for fascist and NAZI control of our streets. Wolfegang Grouge ran a group called the heritage from right out of European sound, with rallies speakers etc.. His slogan was be proud to be white. Holocaust deniers such as Zundel were always welcome guests and attacks on marginalized communities such as jewish activist Mona Zettler were very common (her house was firebombed).

At that point in time I felt that if I turned a blind eye to the violence it would go away, and if we simply ignored them they would eventually fade.

One day in front of my high school I was confronted by a NAZI who sieg hieled me, I told him to fuck off, he gave me a bootfucking and no one did anything. The next day, him and his friends showed up outside of my school with guns looking for me. I discovered this group that was forming called Anti Racist Action, whose mission statement was to stop fascist violence through direct action. I joined the next day.

At that point in time the NAZI’s seemed invincible, they ran many of the gangs, the drugs and greatly outnumber us organizationally, plus they were armed to the teeth. We started mobilizing our communities, exposing them and drawing links between suit and tie NAZIs like Zundel and street bonehead gangs that terrorized our streets. We also started political programing aimed at wiping out poverty free food programs and other such things to show that the economic solutions lied not with the fascists but rather by all poor people unifying to take what belongs to us, the wealth that is produced through exploitation etc. and the problems lie with capitalism.

Our work included clinic support, solidarity with Stoney Point and open battles with Nazis in the streets. Since I was seen as a organizor with ARA I was subject to many attacks by the fascists. They stormed into my work, where the boss threw me out to deal with them, killed my cat, kicked the shit out me (literally I had to walk home with shit in my pants), Jumped me more times then i remember, followed my little brother from school, threatened my then girlfriend, targeted my friends and my house etc.

Yet by doing what we were doing eventually we won the hearts and minds of the downtown community and chased them out. through this battle many people thought we were setting ourselves up for failure and we would lose, get hurt or killed and while the second part definitely happened quite a bit, we defiantly won.

Looking at some of the threats and attacks on me for, a callout i didnt even write but simply posted on my blog, I am reminded of the tactics that these Zundelites have used in the past and cant help but draw a parallel. The JDL and CDL both profess the idea of racial supremacy by attacking and seeking to wipe out the Muslim population from Canada and Isreal. By using fancy slogans like Zundel did they hide their true intent and meaning which is racist one nation politics. To achieve their aims they will resort to violence against those groups that they target and all those that reject their agenda. The reason why they chose my blog as a target as opposed to others who put up this callout is irrelevant. I have seen these tactics before and know what happened of these sorts of politics remain unopposed, they will not go away but spread in our community making all those who dont agree with there fascist agendas victims of their violence.

Those who have critized me for not taking down this callout because I have put myself at risk should realive that the family of OMAR KHADR didnt put out any callout yet they were targetted, nor did any victims of the JDLS bombing or assasinations. The only way to deal with facists to through confronting them and not letting them take roots in our community. I fully endorse the callout and askk all people to unify and not let facism spread its roots in our community. Together we will win!!!

One Response to “JDL, CDL and memories of organizing with Anti Racist Action”

  1. Red Rakhmetov October 25, 2012 at 5:09 pm #

    You are 100% Julian, “The only way to deal with facists is through confronting them and not letting them take roots in our community.”
    This will be a fight to the teeth we must not allow the JDL fascists to even have breathing space. Their atrocities have been sidelined for too long and this recent attempt by them to plant themselves in the community must be met with full resistance and public awareness of the scoundrels slowly creeping in.
    People have to know that the success rate when fascist groups have been confronted through direct action is always 100% so far and in cases where they were ignored as just fringe movements, their hatred spawned. The BNP (the role model of JDL UK) which had crawled it’s way into mainstream debate did not recently go bankrupt and collapse because it was brushed off but through direct action.
    Know you have the full support of all those against fascism – all comrades in the community will oppose the JDL.

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