Todays sit in for IRISH POWS a success, tommorrow we return

26 Oct


Darryl Richardson
Today a few members of Anti-Colonialist Working Group led by Julian Ichim held a brief sit in at British Consulate in downtown Toronto. Upon arriving at the premises and finding the doors locked the group unfurled a banner demanding freedom for Marian Price in front of the office. They were immediately questioned by those inside the consulate about who Marian Price was. Before Julian could explain her case the conversation was interrupted by a consular staffer who made some rather uninformed statements i.e. Marian Price is a terrorist, Martin Corry is a murderer and that anyone who doesn’t like the North should just move to the Republic. This is exactly the insensitive Imperialist nonsense we were there protesting against.
Two other individuals not associated with the ACWG came later but were also denied entry to the Consulate. Shortly after security guards began showing up and demanding that we leave. We were told that the RCMP, OPP and TPS were all on their way. After deciding to leave it was learned that the consulate would be closed for the rest of the day and tomorrow the 27th which is the International Day of Solidarity with Irish Political Prisoner’s and a demonstration is planned for that day.


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