Despite heavy Rain, People Rally To Free Support Irish Republican POWS

29 Oct

Despite heavy Rain, People Rally To Free  Irish Republican POWS


On Oct. 27th a dedicated crew of Anti Colonialist Working Group members and Supporters braved the rain and held an info picket outside of the British consulate from Toronto. Despite the fact that the office was closed an appointments cancelled due to the sit in the day before, we were told that some of us are banned from the property and must stay on the sidewalk. We were then greated by RCMP who asked for our flyers, which we said we wouldnt give to them due to the fact that paper is precious. Lead by the brave Darryl Richards, we handed between 250-400 flyers.

We were later joined by Toronto Friends of Sinn Fien who also had a statement condemning the illegal internment of Irish Republican Prisoners and strip searches and the need to push the internal process.

The day ended with news that Juliet Belmas, ex Guerrilla fighter with Direct action and film maker who was sentenced to over 20 years in jail in Canada for actions against the state in the early ’80’s sending messages of solidarity with Irish Republican Prisoners and POWS, particularly Marian Price.

ALL in All the day was a success and we will continue our strugglle until the prisoners are free

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