Good Bye Letter From Che Guevara to his children,

3 Nov

In the recent years there have been many attacks on Che Guevara and attempts to either attack and marginalize his thinking and principles, or turn him into a commodity on t shirts there by stripping any revolutionary thought from him. Both of these processes aimed at co opting him or discrediting him fail to look at who Che Guevara was as a person and why inspired and still inspires many revolutionaries around the world. The letter below that he wrote to his children before he went to bolivia to die, show the type of person he was and in this letter one sees the true man that inspired and continues to inspire generations!!

Dear Hildita, Aleidita, Camilo, Celia and Ernesto,

If you read this letter one day, it will mean that I am no longer alive. You will hardly remember me, and the smallest among you will have entirely forgotten me.

Your father was a man who acted as he thought best and who has been absolutely faithful to his convictions. Grow up into good revolutionaries. Study hard to master technique, which gives you mastery over nature. Remember that it is the Revolution which is important and that each of us, taken in isolation, is worth nothing. Above all be sensitive, in the deepest areas of yourselves, to any injustice committed against whoever it may be anywhere in the world.

Yours always, my children. I hope to see you again.

A big strong kiss from Daddy.


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