Urgent Palestinian Refugee camp in Syria targetted for heavy shelling and shooting

4 Nov

This is from a friend of mine who is in the camp as we speak he does not want his name used for fear of getting killed

heavy shelling in yarmouk camp is taking place now , the mosques are calling for people to go home and dont stay in the streets . over 10 people killed and more than 25 injured very serious injuries in the head and the upper body.
two shells in the magarbeh street one near abu skandar’s shop and one near algalil hospital one at almansorah street one in yazord street one in safad street one in alquds street and one in alquds street didnt explode the shelling is in 4 shells each 5 minutes – an other shell at abu hasan bus stop another shell near the UNRWA cente elaa’sheh in alquds street where people were trying to save the injured from the previous shell… hospitals are calling for people with O negative blood type to come and donate blood and declare they need doctors of all specialties
names of people who died : tarek sharif – nahed yosef and her daughter – khaled hasan amairi- nader khalil jomaa-khaled azimeh – tarek abu taleb -suzan saleh teineh and her aunt rehab jaber- a medical staff of an ambulance from palestine charity commision while on duty ….

and heavy gun shooting in tadamon and palestine street area


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