A Poem For The palestinians being Bombed and murdered in Gaza!!!!

15 Nov

TODAY ISRAEL HAS LAUNCHED AN ILLEGAL ATTACK ON GAZA KILLING AN UNKNOWN NUMBER OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN!!!!!!!This attack is a continuation of the policy of genocide that Israel has been implementing since the start of there illegal occupation. Our hearts go to the brave Palestinians resisting this barbaric and illegal attack. Below is a poem I feel really sheds light on what is happening to Palestinians under this illegal occuptation and policy of genocide, of which this bombing is only the latest act of agression.

Baby Martyr

I’m six and seven
And up to eleven,

Then I’m an adult
In an Israeli court

My hands tied in the back of my back
He comes to me with a punch and a sack.

He covers my head with a hood of Zionist stench
Though my belly is tough, it will not flinch.

The noise is loud and pierces my brain.
My pathetic shirt hangs proud with a fresh blood stain.

My poor mother is worried sick, I’m sure.
She burried my brother before me. She will endure.

And my dad too, depression got him in the end
With no home, no land, no olive trees to tend.

I’m in here for days on end
Or is it months or even years, I no longer comprehend.

The noise is too loud
And I can feel the shroud.

He beats me again today
Then its another’s turn to play.

I’m broken now, but I’ll not confess.
I’ll leave my body, let those murdering bastards clean up the mess.

A few more thoughts before I go
I am human. This you must know.
You’d never know it `cause I’m tough as the rocks I throw.

I had hoped to grow a mustache so fine.
Maybe marry Muna. I’d be hers and she’d be mine
Maybe be a father….our children free in Palestine.

by Susan Abulhawa


4 Responses to “A Poem For The palestinians being Bombed and murdered in Gaza!!!!”

  1. Trevor Brainin November 15, 2012 at 4:00 am #

    Julian You are a dick head and I look forward to showing you the error of your ways.
    How come you have nothing to say about the thousands of rockets aimed at civilians men, woman and babies in Israel but as soon as Israel does something to protect itself you come out from under your rock and attack Israel.
    The truth – that Jews have the longest history of continuous habitation in the Holy Land, that they preceded the Arab-Muslim conquest by thousands of years, and that the Palestinians are largely descended from an immigrant population
    All of Israel belongs to the Jews and always will, so the sooner they leave the land of Israel and go back to the dessert the better the world will be.
    They are child molesters and murderers. Scum of the earth

  2. Red Rakhmetov November 15, 2012 at 4:04 pm #

    Our thoughts are with the Gazans. A time will come when history will look on this travesty that we let happen – when we watched dehumanizing fascistic self-righteousness before our very own eyes. But to get there, at that moment in history, it seems the genocidal apartheid fascist state of Israel will push us there whether we like it or not and then too many Palestinian will have been slaughtered and dehumanized. To all Gazans, we are with you to death in struggle and love. A time will come.

  3. Al November 15, 2012 at 8:28 pm #

    This is the usual outcome of violence. Women, children and non combatants get killed on both sides. Pretty tough for me thousands of miles away to see who the good guys are, supposedly riding on white horses. Politicians make decisions and the people pay the price. Trevor whether or not you’re facts are accurate , does anything justify either side sending rockets and death to each other? Maybe the blame lies with the truly powerful countries in the world who have let this fester for so long. Make no mistake when a problem of this magnitude takes so long to solve; it’s because powerful interests don’t want it solved.

  4. Stefan November 15, 2012 at 8:58 pm #

    I am Israel;s son put your hands in the air…

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