20 Nov

On Friday and Today I was in court to prepare for trial and argue out what the trial would look like. From the begining Crown Miller made it clear that he has no respect for my arguements saying I am wasting the courts time. The judge ruled that the first two days of the trial I would be allowed to present to the Judge alone (jury excluded) my arguements about how the courts are being used as a political tool to silence dissent. It was clear that if I present arguements of a political nature to the jury I will face contempt charges. I stated that I may want to have a amicus of my choice to assist me with some of the arguements and the judge agreed. Court was moved to today to set a date for trial as well as a readyness date so that we can all see when everyone is available and check the downtown court docket.

Today in Court the trial readiness date was set for Aug 12th and the 6 day trial by jury was set for Sept 30th. The Judge today when I stated that I may choose to have an amicus made it clear that the amicus will be there to assist him not me and it wont be one of my choice. In his own words the amicus is my friend not yours. Given Millers comments on contempt if I accept a court appointed amicus , the trial can continue even if I am removed from the room, something that they may do regardless. If i dont have amicus the court may still chose to appoint one, or I may be left to myself to make complicated legal arguements. It is obvious from millers comments that he wants no politics in front of the jury, and will attack me if I continue. Well if he wants to treat me like Ulricke Mienhof, I have no choice but to act accordingly.(in terms of court decorum)



  1. Karyn Graham November 21, 2012 at 5:36 am #

    Julian, if you feel right then fight for that.

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