List and addresses to write to Irish POWS

29 Nov

Today in Kitchener we has a letter writing night for Irish Republican prisoners. The event was well attened and successful, despite the fact that someone screwed up on a card and we ran out of stamps for Desmond Hamill (we will mail that card soon.). Yet you dont need to wait for letter writing night to write a letter, this holiday remember to write or send a postcard to those brave Irish people locked inside the belly of the beast.Below is a list of names and addresses of irish POWs that I took from the IRPWA page, please take the time to write to them.

Remember the POWs at Christmas! List for cards and letters

December in the Republican calendar is traditionally Prisoner’s month and as such we would ask that people drop a card or letter to a Republican POW and let them know we are thinking of them at this time.. A list of POWs and Internees is provided below with addresses underneath.


Republican prisoners Roe 4, Maghaberry

Joe Allen
Joe Barr
Brendan Campbell
Brian Cavlan
Martin Connolly
Dee Duffy
Paul Duffy
Shane Duffy
Dominic Dynes
Harry Fitzsimons
Tony Friel
Sean Kelly
Brendan McConville
Sean McConville
Liam McDonnell
Mark McGuigan
Gerard McManus
Kevin Barry Nolan
Brian Sheridan
Brian Shivers
Kevin Vernon
John Paul Wootton


Gavin Coyle.
Austin Creggan
Desmond Hamill
Tommy Hamill
Martin McGilloway

Female Republican Wing – Hydebank.

Sharon Rafferty


E3, Portlaoise Prison

Bernard Dempsey
Bobby Donohue.
Darragh Evans
Sean Farrell
Cormac Fitzpatrick
David Jordan
Jim Mc Cormack
Stephen McGowan.
Nick Kendall
Mathew Perry
Vincent Ryan
Brian Walsh.

addresses for cards and letters:

Hydebank Wood
Hospital Road

Maghaberry Prison
Old Road
Ballinderry Upper
BT28 2PT

Portlaoise Prison
Portlaoise, Co Laois


One Response to “List and addresses to write to Irish POWS”

  1. leanne flynn December 1, 2012 at 2:50 pm #

    Beautiful. I will write to them also. Sorry I couldn’t attend. I made a batch of walnut ink with Guinness and will use that to write with. Might make a few people smile. I know, i know, a whole bottle of the beauty drink! LOL The letter writing will be appreciated I’m sure. Contact with people is so important when a folk is in prison, especially on holidays. For these guys to know that people in Canada care enough to write makes a difference, I’m sure. Thanks for sharing your event.

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