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20 Nov

On Friday and Today I was in court to prepare for trial and argue out what the trial would look like. From the begining Crown Miller made it clear that he has no respect for my arguements saying I am wasting the courts time. The judge ruled that the first two days of the trial I would be allowed to present to the Judge alone (jury excluded) my arguements about how the courts are being used as a political tool to silence dissent. It was clear that if I present arguements of a political nature to the jury I will face contempt charges. I stated that I may want to have a amicus of my choice to assist me with some of the arguements and the judge agreed. Court was moved to today to set a date for trial as well as a readyness date so that we can all see when everyone is available and check the downtown court docket.

Today in Court the trial readiness date was set for Aug 12th and the 6 day trial by jury was set for Sept 30th. The Judge today when I stated that I may choose to have an amicus made it clear that the amicus will be there to assist him not me and it wont be one of my choice. In his own words the amicus is my friend not yours. Given Millers comments on contempt if I accept a court appointed amicus , the trial can continue even if I am removed from the room, something that they may do regardless. If i dont have amicus the court may still chose to appoint one, or I may be left to myself to make complicated legal arguements. It is obvious from millers comments that he wants no politics in front of the jury, and will attack me if I continue. Well if he wants to treat me like Ulricke Mienhof, I have no choice but to act accordingly.(in terms of court decorum)


20 Nov

Today members of kw occupy went to TD to protest the economic cuts which are a direct result of the drummond report put together by TD FINANCIER DRUMMOND, as well the fact that during the last bank action the manager chased people down queen st demanding they have a permit to find that the police have locked all the enterances except one forcing people to show id and bank card to enter.

protestors were obviously denied entery and stood outside handing flyers explaining why we were there. Police and bank managers banned two protestors from all TD LOCATIONS permentaly, meaning we have to take our banking somewhere else…lol.


we continued this political disruption until the bank closed, demonstrating that with the intensification on the attacks on the poor our resistance will intensify and institutions that implement austerity are legitamite targets.

To those who sit on the sidelines and critisize, I wont sit by silently and Do nothing!!!

19 Nov

in the last little bit quite a few people whom i associate with in my day to day life have been very critical of the fact that I am still organizing political events and actions while i am up on charges. Some of the critisms that the bring up may be things that I am already aware of and think about all the time, the mane one being that I am putting myself needlessly in danger, despite the fact that for the most part I follow the law to the letter.

It may be true that recently I have taken some unpopular stands, which I have lost support for and have participated in actions that have escalated beyond what I was prepared for, yet I chose not to leave.

When you are outside of the movement it is easy to point out what is good and what is bad, and after the fact everyone is an expert on what should or could have been done better, mistakes are made sometimes, and there are things you can learn from any action, still the point is that by engaging and organizing you learn, not by reading books and critisizing.

Yesterday as I was walking in my neighbourhood, seeing all the factories closed, people whom i grew up with who use to work in these factories, sleeping on the street I had time to think about this idea of neadlessly putting myself at risk. i have a roof over my head or can always find a friends couch to crash on, im not selling my body to pay rent, and im not as vulnerable as paul croutch who was murder by the Queens own Rifles simply because he was sleeping in a park.

I have access to media and people will listen to me more then them. Given all of this, i have a duty to speak out and do something as the social saftey net is being dismantled, as the david street homes are torn down to make room for condos and more and more people are under economic attack.

people talk about my saftey but forget to talk about the saftey of those people in Gaza who are being murdered in the hundreds while i am quitely sitting at my computer smoking a marlboro ciggerrete. Nor are these people talking about the saftey of the disapeared indigenous women in Vancouver who are being murdered everday because of who they are and the lack of importance they have in the eyes of the settler state.

As we speak outside my door a heroine epedemic is raging that has already taken countless lives, while the police turn a blind eye to those scum that poison the most vulnerable members of our society (I guess they have better things to do like spend mad money trying to throw me in jail for blogging).

Che Guevara talks about how socialism cant just be another economic system because then the same problems in capitalism will simply repeat themselves, to build a just society we need to create a new person free from selfish and bourgoise sentimintalism, where they put the needs of the whole community first. This new socialist person recognizes that they are part of something bigger then themselves and as such will put the welfare of the whole community before there own petty well being. I am not this new person, because i am still influenced by this consumer society we live in, but I try to take his word to heart and live by his principles.

When i see my nieghbourhood being dismantled to make way for the rich, when i see my community flooded with drugs, while social programs to deal with this are clsoing and when i see my friends attacked by police, even if i tell myself before that I will not engage, I cant. Because i have the priveledge and duty to do something, yes i am up on charges and have court tommorrow which sucks, but as long as I am out and other comrades are locked I have a duty to fight because I can.

Im not saying i will do this stupidly and court disaster, what i am saying is I will try to live up to the slogan that children in Cuba say every morning “I Want To Be Like Che” and not sit quitly aside as my community is destroyed, my friends are in jail and people are dieng for the sake of profit. If this makes me an extremist i will just remember the words of Marylin Buck in the poem below and refuse to be intimidated into silence by words.

Poem By Marilyn Buck

19 Nov

For Fear Of
Being Called

In Peru a demonstration
against a rise in bread prices
is stopped
because of threats to renounce
those who demand bread
…as terrorists

we fear language
an electric cattle prod
to drive us into corners
where we cower
for fear of being called
terrorists or communists or

why do we allow
capitalists and congressmen

to rob us of our language
to intimidate us into cutting out
our tongues
to paralyze our movements?

why are we more afraid
to be called terrorists
than to die in the dark
leaving no one to speak for us?

Marilyn Buck (Out of Control 1998)

post about thursdays occupation of minister of social services

18 Nov


November 15, 2012; Kitchener—Poverty Makes Us Sick, with the SPOT Collective and the Alliance Against Poverty (AAP) were joined by the community for another disruptive action at the constituency office of John Milloy, Minister of Community and Social Services. Twenty-two people took part in the day’s actions to stop the cancellation of the Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit (CSUMB). Milloy was actually in his office, providing protestors with an added incentive to ensure our voices were heard loud and clear. His back office was taken over and Milloy was confronted for his continuing assaults on the poor.

Police arrived in large numbers, some of them with machine guns, and yet the sergeant in charge was happy to hear us out and expressed her support of our cause while discussing concepts of justice and ethics vs. the written law. Two catch-and-release arrests resulted from this successful shut down of the office.* One of those arrested even made it back to the office in time to continue protesting, much to the staff’s surprise. The office was unable to function from the moment the protesters arrived.

The new controlled entrance security feature didn’t quite work out as planned for them. Using creativity and poise, Stacey had no problem with it, and quickly ushered the rest of our entourage into the office.

Despite the bloated police response (PAVIS), the sergeant in charge seemed eager to talk about how obscene these cuts are. She agreed that the cuts will destroy lives. She agreed that the cuts should be opposed.

Milloy was unable to operate and after being encouraged to stay by protesters who were demanding answers, John locked himself into a back room. We banged on the doors, with everyone chanting “Shame”. John was in hiding for sometime, even with a bunch of cops there! Finally he emerged, scurrying out without a word, only to be escorted from the property by four cops.

We answered the phones. We modified property. We instructed Milloy staff on the evils of these cuts in both official languages.

The cancellation of the CSUMB represents an escalation in the war on the poor. Today we continued to show the depth of our commitment to winning this struggle. Fight to Win.

*The experience that we have had to date with members of the Waterloo Regional Police Services in our actions at Milloy’s have been relatively positive, bordering on cordial even. However, we know that this same police force does not, and will not, hesitate to target and brutalize the poor, marginalized, racialized, homeless, and young people who live in our community today and who will be even more vulnerable to their abuses should the CSUMB cuts come into effect. The individual compassion of these officers, and their acknowledgement of the negative impact that further cuts to the much-needed supports to the poor will have, do not change these truths. Further, we stand in solidarity with our activist allies in Sudbury, whose treatment at the hands of Sudbury police should make absolutely clear the role of police in enforcing state brutality on those who dissent.

For an action recap of the November 15th event (and previous CSUMB actions), go to

Court Tommorrow, IM NOT BREAKiNG!!!!!

15 Nov

The crown, seeking a way out of this quagmire that they created with these charges stated that if I admit wrong doing through pleading guilty, my sentence would be greatly reduced. The view being that the extreme midigating factor being the stand that i have taken. The reason for this is that the crown is seeking to put the blame of these charges on me, and that I am responsible and to blame for my incareeration if found guilty.

As was shown in court every sentence i write is read and analyzed by the crown and his minions, so one can say that the crown knows me pretty well, and knows i am a person of principle who would never admit wrongdoing for a reduced sentence. By putting this out there the crown is seeking to make me look like the one who is unreasonable……..WHICH IS A LIE!!!!!

It was the crown who layed the charges, the crown who elected to move by inditement and the crown who is proceeding with these charges, i myself have simply took a principled stand and refused to back down.

The crown would really win a great victory if i backed down, they would be able to make this an issue of law and order as opposed to an issue of political persecution further pushing there agenda of criminalization. I refuse to play this part and i refuse to in any way shape or form allow the crown to make me into another Leia, to much is at stake, and like i said earlier by trying to break me they seek to win a victory over the movement.

I have gotten in quite a few fights over this issue and have been forced to sever ties with people who are close to me, which is what the crown aimed with this insidious position on sentencing. Some people feel that I already made my point and that taking the easy way out is the way to go. Not one day passes where i dont get into heated arguements with friends and family over this, the pressure to capitulate is great and my legal meetings have turned into sessions of discussing how to mitigate this damage. Yet despite this, and despite what the harder path is, i will enter a plea of NoT GUILTY tommorrow.

I have gone to far to back down, and if I was going to capitulate I would have done this at the begining. if miller wants to push his agenda of criminalization, he better try to achieve this in front of a jury, because i can honestly tell you hell nothing from me.

There can be no compromise with the court of injustice that incarcerates my comrades, trys to silence dissent and is a tool used to continue the policies of genocide promoted by this settler state.

Jail does not scare me and the only way these charges will go away will be through the political battlle i have and will wage.

People may have noticed that I did not put out a callout for court support this time, that is because I dont want people at my court who will not respect the stand that i am taking or attempt to pressure me to capitulate or look down on me. Tommorrow I am taking a just stand and its not the easiest thing to do, and I dont want people there that dont respect this making a hard desision harder. To my true comrades I hope to see you in court tommorrow at 361 university at 10 am, to those who are my friends but want me to make another desision please dont come, it will be to hard a pill to swallow to hear your critisms and attacks tommorrow

A Poem For The palestinians being Bombed and murdered in Gaza!!!!

15 Nov

TODAY ISRAEL HAS LAUNCHED AN ILLEGAL ATTACK ON GAZA KILLING AN UNKNOWN NUMBER OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN!!!!!!!This attack is a continuation of the policy of genocide that Israel has been implementing since the start of there illegal occupation. Our hearts go to the brave Palestinians resisting this barbaric and illegal attack. Below is a poem I feel really sheds light on what is happening to Palestinians under this illegal occuptation and policy of genocide, of which this bombing is only the latest act of agression.

Baby Martyr

I’m six and seven
And up to eleven,

Then I’m an adult
In an Israeli court

My hands tied in the back of my back
He comes to me with a punch and a sack.

He covers my head with a hood of Zionist stench
Though my belly is tough, it will not flinch.

The noise is loud and pierces my brain.
My pathetic shirt hangs proud with a fresh blood stain.

My poor mother is worried sick, I’m sure.
She burried my brother before me. She will endure.

And my dad too, depression got him in the end
With no home, no land, no olive trees to tend.

I’m in here for days on end
Or is it months or even years, I no longer comprehend.

The noise is too loud
And I can feel the shroud.

He beats me again today
Then its another’s turn to play.

I’m broken now, but I’ll not confess.
I’ll leave my body, let those murdering bastards clean up the mess.

A few more thoughts before I go
I am human. This you must know.
You’d never know it `cause I’m tough as the rocks I throw.

I had hoped to grow a mustache so fine.
Maybe marry Muna. I’d be hers and she’d be mine
Maybe be a father….our children free in Palestine.

by Susan Abulhawa


14 Nov

Wednesday, November 28, 2012.4:00pm. Queen St. Commons 43 queen st Kitchener

Come out and find out about Irish Republican Prisoners Marian Price and Martin Corey interened without trial for the crime of simply for there political views. Find out about other Irish Republican Prisoners being tortured and brutalized in Maghaberry Prison then write them letters so they know that there is support and solidarity even here in Canada.
Free Coffee and Holiday treats, Lolipops donated by Anarchist Black Cross. Event hosted by Kitchener Anti Colonialist Working Group a member of International League Of Peoples Strugglles Canada

What really happened Nov. 11th 2012

13 Nov

On Nov. 11th, several of us thought it was important to take a stand on the issue of the deserving dead versus the undeserving dead, and in a non antagonist way to raise the issue of remembering the victims of imperialism and colonialism, not just those sent over to assist the great powers to colonize and plunder the world. Given the delicate nature of this task it was decided that we would take a non confrontational approach that would start dialogue on the way in which remembrance day glorifys those who die for the sake of profit while conveniently forgetting -or vilifying people in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan who are killed for colonialist plunder.

We made a banner that stated FASCISM STILL EXISTS……REMEMBERING ISNT ENOUGH……..refering to the illegal wars of plunder and anglo american consolidation of world resources, and were joined by two Afghan Canadians who had a banner that stated WE REMEMBER OPERATION MEDUSA 512 AFGHANIS KILLED BY CANADIAN MILITARY. Both groups stood at a reasonable distance from the ceremony and while some people were not cool others took pictures and gave the thumbs up. The tone of the event was non confrontational and peaceful.

After hanging out with our banners for twenty minutes members of Toronto Police attacked us and stole our banners, twisting peoples fingers in the process, as well as acting in a heavyhanded manner. This incident and the continued use of force by Toronto police inflamed Peoples passion and introduced the element of confrontation and violence to the event, as protestors refused to allow the police to trample all over their rights and denied banner used their voices to demand justice. At this point the police magically vanished as a crowd of people yelling racist insults attacked us and a scuffle followed.

Ironically these brave racists saved most of there hate and venom for our Afghani comrades, exposing themselves for what they are with comments such as “go back to your fucken country” and other verbal insults they showed the mob mentality they have and the racial hatred that lies beneath this. We were then physically removed by police, even though it was obvious that they were the ones who turned a peaceful silent action into a shitshow. We heard that later some occupiers showed up and stuff but needless to say we were not there.

Yesterday I posted a write up by a friend of what happened and though I may have worded some stuff differently I feel that some of the issues and sentiments are to the point. The war in Afghanistan is an illegal occupation, as well as Canada’s involvement in Haiti. Poor Children are recruited by the military here to perpetrate atrocities abroad and commit murder plunder and rape, only to be tossed aside later when they are too fucked up and no longer useful to the capitalist machinery. As sad as that is when they are carrying out these acts at the behest of the rich they are playing the role of colonizers and to have military services in there honor, further promoting the war machinery that has harmed them, to forget there victims and vilify those who resist occupation and die defending themselves against those who are sent to steal there land is hypocritical at best.

Furthermore it is clear to any who look that many people in a colonizer nation will be open to many ideas except those that directly threaten the colonialist system, and the blatant racist attacks incited by the police who introduced the element of violence and confrontation to a somewhat non confrontational situation demonstrates the role that the state plays in a physical force of instigating racist attacks.

Due to media propaganda, brainwashing and pomp and ceremony many people do buy into the lie that the Canadian military is fighting for our freedom, ignoring the fact that Afghanistan, Iran and other nations like Haiti targeted for occupation do not pose any threat to Canada. In fact it is the Canadian Military and Anglo imperialist Alliance that poses a threat to the peace of the world.

The saddest thing right now is how the media is targeting and attacking our Afghani Canadian Comrades, calling them pro taliban and hurling racist attacks and slinging mud on them simply because of there ethnic origens. This further goes to show that beneath this so called event the only people who are honored are those who have died at the service of the invaders, and anyone who really wants to remember ALL the victims, esp those whose deaths let us have our petrol must be evil and terrorists esp if they are brown!!!!

Statement from a comrade on todays disruption of poppy fascism ceremony

11 Nov

today we stood with banners at the remembrance day ceremony. after being assaulted by the police and having our banners stolen, we chanted. then we were attacked by a white mob who were yelling racist obscenities. our afghan sisters were told to go back to where they came from and several of us were grabbed and punched (not without dishing out at least an equal amount of defensive attacks).

we expected this kind of reaction. challenging the dogma of remembrance day exposes the true nature of the canadian state and military. violence and racism. they were actually reminding us of how they fought for our freedom AT THE SAME TIME as they were physically attacking us for standing peacefully with banners.

i know this was an action that a lot of people didn’t want to take part in for an array of reasons. i disagree with all of those reasons. soldiers are not part of the working class. they’re no different than cops and screws. if we want to challenge the culture of chauvinistic nationalism in this land, we’re bound to offend some people at first. but the ground will shift. we don’t not talk about palestinian human rights for fear of offending zionists. and i refuse to allow this military spectacle to happen in my back yard unchallenged, for fear of offending some veterans (who may or may not be disgusting mass murderers).

any veteran deserving of our respect should be proud that people are challenging the status quo. and the rest of them can go to hell.

this action was haphazardly planned, highly criticized, and we weren’t sure if we were actually going to go through with it until the last minute. but we did, and it wasn’t the doom like scenario that everyone predicted. we even got some positive reaction from several passers by, which was totally unexpected. so fuck the dogma, fuck the holiest of holies, fuck letting the state and military have a spectacle of imperialist mass murder on our streets, and fuck the meetings, theories, and apocalyptic predictions that keep people from expressing their rage and frustration on the streets.

next year let’s shut the motherfucker down!