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Hail The 54th Anniversary of The Cuban Revolution!!!!

29 Dec

54 years ago, what started as group of 12 people surviving a cruel landing in Cuba on the Granma,toppled the U$ backed Batitista Government and marched into Havana Cuba with the whole country behind them.This was done by unify the peasantry, creating a peoples army, and fighting for  the people.

What started as a war of national liberation against U$ imperialism, under the leadership of Fidel Castro and the Party has become one of the first successful socialist revolution in this hemisphere, inspiring people across the world and putting fear into tyrants everywhere.

54 years later, the Cuban revolution continues to influence world affairs and instills fear in tyrants not because of force of arms but rather because of the example that Cuba is to the world.

The Cuban Revolution started 54 years ago wiped out illiteracy, gave land to the people, took back resources from U$ industry through nationalization and created a society fit for human beings.

Despite hundreds of assassination attempts on the Cuban leadership, military assault lead by the U$ lackeys, U$ sponsored terrorism and sabotage as well as an illegal blockade aimed and destroying Cubas economy which is still in place today, the Cuban revolution not only survived, but has thrived and is still playing a very important role in the struggle against Anglo American Imperialism.

Cuban internationalism has played an important role in the collapse of the Apartheid regime in South Africa, has unified Latin American nations by creating the Bolivarian alternative, with Venezuela and other countries as a counter part to U$ imperialism in Latin America and sends more docters to the third world then the UN world health organization.

The most important thing however that Cuba has given to the world is its example that imperialism can be defeated through armed struggle and a small nation of 11 million people can take on the worlds superpower not because they have superiour firepower or more soldiers but rather because their cause is just, and that in the face of enormous odds people armed with courage, selflessness and justice can and will defeat those who aim to undermine destroy and subjugate them.

in todays global economy that creates horrible conditions where children sleep on the street, neo liberal cuts to social programs create more and more unemployment and our streets are rampant with crime and drugs, Cuba in stark contrast shows the world what kind of society we can have if we put the needs of the people first, and that not only is another world possible but rather necessary.

On the 54th anniversary of The Cuban Revolution i salute the Cuban people in there struggle against Anglo American imperialism, and the example that they still give the world today of an alternative where children go to school instead of jail, sleep in beds as opposed to cardboard boxes, have literacy instead of ignorance and are guaranteed basic rights by virtue of being human!!!!


Partially restored funding for CSUMB shows the corectness of our tactics and need to continues the strugglle!!!

28 Dec

The Liberal government recent announced that 2/3rd of funding to the community start up program or 43 million dollars will be restored. This move does not come from the goodness of there hearts but rather is a result of the mobalization of poor people and organized labour fighting back and showing that they will not suffer in silence.

This partial victory shows the correctness of using a diversity of tactics to fight back against the austerity messures implemented by the Liberals and there lackeies including militant actions, occupations and economic disruption.

This partial victory should not go to our heads, nor should it be a reason for people to demobalize, but rather should reinvigerate our strugglle and continue the fight against the austerity budget imposed by the Liberals and there friends the rich.

At the end of January the Liberals are having a convention to choose there new leader. They are doing this because all sectors of oppressed people understand who Dalton mguinty is and what he stands for. By putting forward a new face they hope to confuse the workers and other segments of society under attack . We must not let this happenned. Not only must we mobalize to give the Liberals the reception they deserve but we must continue our strugglle against the rich and there lackeys until all funding is restored and people can have a decent standard of living!!!

The strugglle is not over, IT HAS jusT BEGuN!!!!!

Chilean Supreme Court Rule Against CAM Mapuche Hunger Strike Petitions: Word of Death say Strikers

27 Dec

The Chilean Judicial System is the Word of Death for the Mapuche

Sentence of the Chilean Supreme Court for Double Jeopardy of CAM Mapuche Political Prisoners Hector Llaitul and Ramon Llanquileo

This past Friday, December 21st, the Chilean Supreme Court ratified the verdict of the Court of Appeals of Concepcion, dismissing the arguments presented by the Defense as an injunction in favour of the CAM Mapuche Political Prisoners, Hector Llaitul and Ramon Llanquileo, regarding double jeopardy; where the Military Court of Valdivia acquitted and the Oral Criminal Court of Cañete convicted the brothers for the same crime, under the same charges and evidence for the false confrontation that was the set-up in the Prosecutor Elgueta Case. This is an unprecedented ruling in Chile, violating the constitutional right to only be tried once for the same crime.

Without more arguments to sustain the ruling, a scarce document expressed “the sentence appealed in December 2012 has been confirmed.” The ruling was carried out in the second room of the Supreme Court comprised of Justices Milton Juica, Hugo Dolmmestch, Carlos Künsemüller, Haroldo Brito and the Attorney Jorge Baraona.

The ratification of the sentence is nothing more than a clear example of the continued political persecution that the CAM Mapuche Political Prisoners, Hector Llaitul and Ramon Llanquileo, must confront; where the Chilean courts have been biased in their legal interpretation. The Chilean Supreme Court had the chance to correct this error, where in June 2011 the replacement sentence convicted Llaitul and Llanquileo to 15 and 8 years respectively for allegedly having robbed the torturer and snitch Santos Jorquera with a weapon (maintaining the conviction of 10 and 5 years respectively) and the Prosecutor Elgueta Case (where the Supreme Court adjusted the convictions by lowering them to an additional 4 and 3 years respectively). However it simply did not go the distance. It would be much more comfortable and “honorable” to ratify the sentence of the Concepcion Court of Appeals, than to admit the error and nullify the conviction for double jeopardy, which would have been the more just choice, since the convictions presented in the Criminal Court of Cañete had many irregularities including the use of double jeopardy, the application of the Antiterrorist Law, protected witnesses that played a fundamental role during the trial, statements made under torture etc.

The Chilean Justice System thereby is the word of death for the Mapuche Nation, which can be proven throughout history. Cases such as of the Peñi [Brothers] Lemun, Mendoza Collio and Matias Catrileo, where their murders live with impunity or with ridiculously reduced sentences indicate that in Chile there is no justice for the Mapuche, and that so-called institutionalism that should veil for the common good, is in fact more concerned with corporate sponsors and of private property than of fundamental rights.

However despite this criminalization of the Mapuche struggle, of so much injustice, persecution, political prison, repression and death, the struggle for dignity, freedom, autonomy and territory will continue from our territories and communities, supporting our political prisoners and following the example of our Pu Weichafe [Warriors], Longko [Chiefs], and Machi [Medicine Healers] that are on the path to our national liberation.


FRIDAY, DECEMBER 28TH – Hearing in Cañete to Demand the Recognition of time served for Hector Llaitul. Four years in which he was held in pre-trial custody in cases for which he has been acquitted. We should note that this benefit has been granted to a number of non-political criminal cases and many Ex-Mapuche Political Prisoners in the past and present, therefore we expect that the members of the CAM will not be the exception.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 27TH beginning 7:30PM –INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION for the CAM Mapuche Political Prisoners Hector Llaitul and Ramon Llanquileo on hunger strike since November 14th. There will be mobilizations in Chiloe, Osorno, Temuco, Concepcion, Santiago and Mexico.

Wichan Info al Día

Distributed by: The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu [Toronto]

Open Letter to John Milloy Minister of misery, there will be no peace on earth for you!!!!!

24 Dec

Emailed Christmas eve 2012

Mr. Milloy

The last few years of you occupying the position of Minister of social services have been an out and out attack on poor people. With this new budget that has passed and the cuts to community start up, as well as the attacks on the right to collective bargaining, it is clear to all that you have no intention of changing the course that you have taken.

One need not go far, this Christmas eve to see the effects of your regime on poor people and the working class. As more and more people are forced on the street and factory’s closing Christmas to many familys this year will bring nothing but misery. This is not an accident or a problem in the economy but rather a direct result of policys that you have implemented.

With the New year around the corner, and the implementation of policys by your desighn there will be an increase of people freezing to death on the streets, being forced to endure the violence of overcrowding shelters, families being torn apart, and disabled people being left to fend for themselves.

We have tried dialogue, we have tried reasoning and we have tried “raising the issues’, it is obvious that you cant be reasoned with, so prepare for an intensification of resistance. Do not try to misconstrew this as a threat on you or your person, but rather see this letter for what it is a promise to fight this new year to defend the safety of the people whom your polices are directly attacking.

This new year, be prepared to have your events disrupted, your office picketed and your policies challenged, this year be prepared to have the people you attack confront you and hold you accountable for the shit you are pulling. This year be prepared to have every protest tool used against you to eventually bring down your regime!!!!! We are done suffering silently!!!!

Support the Aamjiwnaang #IdleNoMore Blockade!

24 Dec

Support the Aamjiwnaang #IdleNoMore Blockade!
.by Ron Plain on Sunday, December 23, 2012 at 3:23pm ·.Calling all allies!!

Support the Aamjiwnaang #IdleNoMore Blockade!

Following a community meeting this morning, and a meeting with the Mayor of Sarnia, Chief of Police and CN Rail representative, citizens of Aamjiwnaang have determined to maintain the blockade until community demands are met.Aamjiwnaang citizens are calling on all allies to come support the blockade. Bring WARM clothes and good intentions. Accepting food, wood and warm clothes donations.

Aamjiwnaang Citizens agreed to the following demands

1. Letters of support from the Mayor of Sarnia, CN Rail, MP Pat Davidson, and industry telling Harper to meet with Chief Spence.

2. We will consider leaving when this meeting has taken place.

3. That Harper respect and consult on a nation-to-nation basis.

Ballad Night for Irish POWS!!!!

23 Dec

Friday Feb 1st 7:00pm 43 queen st (queen St. Commons) kitchener
Speakers include
Toronto Forum On Cuba
Sara From Toronto Anarchist Black Cross
KW Anti Racist Action
Lynch Sweeny oneil Association Toronto
KW Anti Colonialist Working Group
Anti Torture Committee (83%confirmed)
and more….

Music, Raffle and Rebel songs

Come out enjoy good irish Rebel songs and learn about the plight of Irish Republican Prisoners in Maghaberry. Take a stand against the british occupation by supporting those in jail for the simple crime of resisting

32csm condemn Gardai abuse of powers and interrogation of youth

22 Dec

From 32CSM Web Page
32csm condemn Gardai abuse of powers and interrogation of youth

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement condemn absolutely the actions of the Gardai who forced their way into the family home of a 16 year old Republican from County Clare and deliberately caused damage during their search which included breaking the toiet.
The 16 year old youth was interrogated for 5 hours in the presence of a priest as a witness who hadto sit in with him due to his age.
The reason for the raid and wrecking spree was that he was seen at the funeral of Alan Ryan and this seemed enough cause for them to intimidate the youth and his family.
The Gestapo style tactics employed by the ERU are purely punitive measures that have more in common with street thuggery than policing.
The disgraceful abuse & interrogation of this 16 year old youth, the destruction which took place in his house and the trauma inflicted was carried out because the Gardai wished to know why he attended a funeral. The reasons given lend credence to the thoughts that the powers that be are quite content to misuse, abuse and misrepresent the law in an attempt to quash Republican ideologies.
No matter how they dress it up or whatever reasons they may give, they are using out and out Political policing to punish and intimidate children for what they construe a differing political thought process.

End Political Policing! Beir bua!

Day 11 of Chief Theresa Spence’s Hungerstrike sees growing support but no response from Harper

21 Dec

Today is dayy 11 of the hungerstrike started by Chief Theresa Spence protesting the degrading conditions of indigenous peoples in this territory and on her reservation. What she wants is to meet with harper and the crown and demand that the agreements struck on a nation to nation basis be honored. Despite the simple demand that the indigenous peoples hereditary rights be upheld and that the settler state meet and discuss the current abismal situation , Harper has not budged.

As a settler on stolen land I have seen the situation for indigenous people here on Turtle Island Worsten and worsten. From paramilitary executions of peaceful protestors like Dudley George, to Military assaults at Gustufsen lake, Oka and other places where indigenous people are standing for there right to exist, to the state sanctioned racist attacks at so called Caledonia, it is obvious that the policy of genocide imposed by The settler state continues, and myself as a settler directly benifit from this.

With Harpers new laws and bills aimed at eradicating indigenous soverieghnty and destroying indigenous peoples way of life, it is obvious that the KKKanadian state aims to wipe out through assimilation and attack, Indigenous peoples in this territory.

Despite the growing local and international concern about what these new laws mean, harper is refusing to budge.

in the face of this, as a settler, I applaud the courage of Chief Spence who is willing to give up her own life so that her people may live and I condemn the cowerdly Harper who can meet with investors abroad to poison the lakes and destroy the earth but will refuse to meet with someone who comes in peace whose peoples are dirrectly affected by the policy of genocide he is implementing.

Today on the 11th day of Chief Spence’s hungerstrike my thoughts are with her and applaud her for not just standing up for indigenous peoples, but for all peoples residing on this territory because only through respecting and recognising the hereditary rights of indigenous people and building new relations which grants soverieghty to the original peoples of this territory can we as settlers call ourselves humans.

Statement from Darryl Richardson Anti Colonialist Working Group on Gaza action

20 Dec

The Anti Colonialist Working Group is a group of people who came together to oppose colonialism here and abroad. At the time we would like to recognize our solidarity with Theresa Spence, chief of Attawapiskat First Nation, as she sits on hunger strike waiting to meet with Stephen Harper. We also remember the struggles of Marian Price, Martin Corry and all Irish political prisoners. Our hearts also go out to the children of Gaza and all children living under oppression. We express a deep solidarity with the Palestinian People. We condemn the fascist regime of Israel, the British Empire and the Canadian state.

Read at the office of Conservative MP Peter Braid, December 20, 2012.

Report On Gaza Demo and occupation of pro Zionist MP’s office

20 Dec

Today a small but militant coalition including Poverty Makes Us Sick, The Anti Torture Coalition and Anti Colonialist Working group held a picket outside Conservative and Zionist Mp Peter Braids office to demand justice for the Palestinians in Gaza.Before we began Braid came out to inform us that supporting Isreal is supportinng international law.

The Picket began with a speech By Anti Colonialist Working Group Speaker Darryl Richardson introducing the demo. A statement in Solidarity with Gaza from 32CSM in Northern Ireland was then read which stated the solidarity between oppressed people and that the solution to the conflict is an end to occupation.

A statement explaing the violence of the occupation and who is responsible was read. This statement came from the Palestinian refugee camp in Syria Yarmouk, which has recently faced mass agression

The next Speaker from The Anti Torture Coalition spoke about the violence that Palestinians face as a result of imperialist aggression lead by Israel.

Poverty makes us sick then spoke about the engineering of poverty as part of the colonialist project, the attack on Palestinian livelihood by targeting the olive harvest, as well as the poverty of refugee camps, as well as the imposed poverty of refugees in KKKanada through attacks on refugee rights, increased racist attacks and healthcare coverage such as the cut to the interim federal health program. Poverty Makes Us Sick also talked about the cuts Jason Kenney implemented during the siege of aid money which is why Poverty makes us sick called on all to promote Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

After speaking outside the action moved indoors to Mr. Braid’s office. His staff appeared rather uncomfortable as Darryl began reading the names of those killed in the recent Israeli military occupation. As the impromptu memorial went on a heavy police presence arrived and let us know that the workers at the office did not want us there. However, as they were conducting a memorial service the police were powerless to remove us. After we finished we stated that we will be back and re interated that we will not sit by peacefully while the state of Israel carries out genocide. As a sighn of good faith we left our placards on top of the police cars.