The impact on Prices family, to have there mother wife, daughter locked away during the holidays!!!

6 Dec

Many people have written about the psycological and physical torture that Price is undergoing at the moment at the hands of the British imperialists, being held in isolation for almost two years simply for her politics, but few people have examined the impact that this has on her family, especially now during the holiday season.

Although I dont know the family myself, and cant imagine what they are going through I believe that this point must be raised. Price has a sister named Delores, a husband named Gerry and two daughters. For them, the issue of Prices incareration is not something abstract but rather a horror that they must face every day, to know that there mother, sister, wife is locked away in isolation, facing the most brutal torture because of her politics, and them being helpless to do anything about it must be hell.

While the rest of us are out doing Christmas shopping, singing caroles and having a good time, this Christmas there will be an empty seat at there family table, a reminder of the fact that there wife, sister mother will not be there this Christmas, instead being held in isolation as her health slowly deteriorates and them being helpless to do anything about it.

The heart break and trama that this family is experiancing is not something that you or I can comprehend, and even though it is Marian that is locked inside the belly of the beast the torture of the british state extends to her family, who instead of enjoying the holidays sit by slowly watching there loved one s health continously deteriorate while those who talk of human rights do nothing about it.

So when we talk about the brutal british rule in the occupied Six Counties, let us not just think of the POWS, but also there familys who are put through hell because there loved one decided to do whats right. When we talk of internment, let us also remember the trama that children face as the mothers and fathers are illegally arrested and brutalized, while they are helpless to do anything about it.

This holiday season, let us remember the POWS as well as there familys who although may not be behind bars are suffering alongside there family members facing the psychological torture that they may never see there loved ones again. Let us fight against these crimes and troture that the POWS and there familys are put through simply because they choose to hold political views that do not fit the narative of the british state that all is well in the occupied six counties, for the family of Price and others it is obvious that this is not the case.


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