While cops wait at TD bank for Non existant Protest, and are busy with protestors at Milloys, we hit a bunch of targets with no police presence!!!!

7 Dec

Last night, knowing that my blog was monitored I wrote a fake post about a non existent protest at TD bank, yes a group of us decided to hit another target during the protest at Milloys, but it was not TD bank. The first place we visited was the social service officer, where we dropped a banner and gave a speech. We were met by David Dirk who is the head and engaged in discussion on the effects of these cuts, some social workers were sympathetic. We then hit the Member of the Provincial Parliament, Conservative MP Peter Briad, Where we denounced Harpers cuts and budget and the impact that they had on a provincial level. The tone they took with us was patronizing, being like we get protests and sit ins all the time. After unfurling our banner, and giving a speech we, sat around awhile and people spoke of their own experience of poverty brought on by austerity imposed at all levels.

We then Visited the office of Catherine Fife, who was recently elected as an NDP candidate, to ask why the NDP upheld the Liberal austerity budget and if provincial parliament is restored what will they do to bring down the Liberals, after a long discussion, with our banner unfurled, we decided to leave. The day is young, there is no police at all uptown or downtown, maybe some more sit ins are required, or we will just join everyone at Milloys.


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