Call Out For Court Support For Native Land Defender Toad

9 Dec


Come support Theresa “Toad” Jamieson – a Six Nations land defender – on Wednesday December 12th at 10am, at the Cayuga courthouse. She is facing charges stemming from when anti-Native rights activist Gary McHale forced his way down the road at the reclamation site, Kanonhstaton, on February 18th, 2012. Watch this disgusting injustice here:

McHale marched onto Kanonhstaton, accompanied by several OPP officers, attempting to make speeches about how the OPP are racist against white people. McHale was clearly trying to provoke Six Nations Land Defenders, until they were arrested. Toad, along with several other land defenders, were then given conditions that did not allow them to return to Kanonhstaton.

We must stand together to resist the actions of the colonial courts in criminalizing Six Nations land defenders. In court on December 12th, Toad will be fighting to live by the Great Law, as she does every day. As treaty people on this land, we must fight these outrageous violations of treaty rights and the Great Law, by building support for Toad, and our other friends and allies at Six Nations. A packed court room of supporters will make a strong, necessary statement.

Come stand with Toad on December 12th!

55 Munsee St. N., Cayuga


If you can drive or need a ride from any of these cities, please contact:



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