Its good to know your friend inside is doing well!!!

12 Dec

So as im leaving Grand Valley Institue for Wimmin, where we had a picket to draw the links between austerity, criminalization of dissent, poverty and mass incareration of poor people,as well as the death of Ashley Smith, murdered by isolation, as screws stood by and watched her hang herself.

i decided that since I got a shit load of stuff to still do, and am in serious pain, and dont feel like washing any dishes or cooking, id grab a slice of pizza or a vietnamese sub.

my two friends are talking about how the off duty screws at GVI opened there back door, yelling and acting like they were gonna rush us and other shit that happenned.

Then they start talking about if the one screw is cute, and one of them is stating quite clearly that there is no such things as a cute screw, and as far as they were conserned they are all guilty of the death of ashley smith.

iI sat good buy to my friends, go into the pizza place and hagglle with the owner to sell me three slices and a pepsi for four bucks, i start at two and finally after i point out how dry the slices are etc. we agree four bucks.

I step outside and as soon as im up the block, my one friends nods, i nod and keep walking. The person who he is with, is like Julian Ichim, i turn my head, and i dont recognize him. Hes like I just got out and was on the range with ur friend x political mofo.

Now this guy who he is talking about is an amazing activist who is doing a long streach for some political shit, and is someone who would always listen to me when i was in crisis even though he knew he was going in, and would always have right sound advice. Since hes been in, i have not been in touch with him cause my mail has a way of getting lost and other such issues.

I think about him all the time and am worried that hes not doing well or he thinks i forgot about him, which is not the case, after all between four walls its easy to think that u r alone.

So i ask how my friend inside is doing, hes like his spirits are high, hes doing well and raising lots of shit with the guards, they fuck with him big time, but he just keep his head up and does his thing. Man they go through his shit, fuck with his mail, they fucken hate him.

i pull out my pack of smokes and we light up. We exchange numbers and promise to go for beers, hes like yeah x told me to look u up when I get out and ur doing solid shit.

I say bye and walk up the street towards where im staying someone out on there porch is like damn ur grinning ear to ear, it looks good on you. I cant help but smile my friend is in high spirits, and nothing they can do will break him


2 Responses to “Its good to know your friend inside is doing well!!!”

  1. leanne flynn December 13, 2012 at 9:35 am #

    Beautiful writing and great news. I might do the 24 hour fast with Chief Spence.

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