Tonight, Sleep-Out at Glen Murray’s Office: Stop the Cut to Community Start-Up

13 Dec

Sleep-Out at Glen Murray’s Office: Stop the Cut to Community Start-Up Thursday, December 13th514 Parliament St (at Winchester) 6pm: Meal and Rally7pm – 8am: SLEEP OUT *Bring your sleeping bags and mats*Prepare to sleep-out all night or come stop-by for as long as you can*Breakfast and Coffee the next morning at 8am The Provincial Liberal Government is set to cut the Community Start-Up andMaintenance Benefit (CSUMB) January 1st, 2013. We must STOP THIS CUT! • CSUMB is a housing benefit for people on social assistance (OW andODSP). For thousands of people in Ontario every month it is the differencebetween being homeless on the streets or being able to get a place tolive. • The cut to this benefit will mean that many more people will be madehomeless at a time in Toronto when many shelter beds have been lost andthe shelter system itself is in crisis. Glen Murray is MPP for Toronto Centre which includes the ‘Downtown East’,one of the poorest neighborhoods in all of Canada with a high levels ofhomelessness. Welfare and disability rates are already impossible tosurvive on as the government cuts away at more benefits and the rates ofincome keep falling (today welfare rates are almost 60% below where theyshould be, meaning a base amount of $606/month). Murray is campaigning to take over running the Province from McGuinty. Wechallenge Murray that this is the despicable legacy he is a part of; wedemand he take action to stop the cut to Community Start-Up. Winter cold is about to set-in and a growing number of people on thestreets will be put at risk; too many homeless have frozen to death onthese streets already. People have the right to housing, health and safety. Join OCAP December13th to SLEEP-OUT at Murray’s office. STOP THE CUT TO COMMUNITY START-UP,RAISE the RATES, NO MORE HOMELESS DEATHS, BUILD HOUSING NOW! This event is part of a WEEK OF ACTION TO SAVE COMMUNITY START-UPhappening across Ontario, December 7th – 14th


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