Despite police intimidation, KW Ocuppy pickets TD Bank Then Goes inside when police is off guard!!!!

15 Dec

While waiting outside a local coffeshop to start todays not so secret Targetting of TD bank(despite the fact that organizors made it clear that there was to be no electronic communication on this subject one person who doesnt realize the seriousness of survelliance due to the fact the existance of a police state flys in the face of their pacifist ideology decided to put it on FB alerting the police and there capitalist financiers), due to the austerity budget implemented provincial based on TD financier Drummonds Report I was approuched by a police officer, a Staff Sergent i believe and asked if i was going to the bank protest or knew anything about it. I puff on my smoke and am quiet. he then tells me that there is alot of pressure to arrest me on anything and throw me in the slammer, I put out my smoke, go inside when another cop is like you going to the bank soon? I sipp on my coffee, cursing hippies and the fact that our plan is known. Still im neither confirming or denying this.

I get ready to leave and am with one other persom, obviously im on time but other people are late. The bank manager comes out in a bright puke green shirt confirming the fact that just cause one has money doesnt mean they have a fashion sense. He waves, and I prettend not to see him, despite the fact that his shirt glows in the dark. Some other people show up and we unfurl our banner, and start giving a speech about why we are here. We talk about what this new budget, made by a banker means to single mothers, particularly with the cuts to the community start up program put in place for wimmin that need to flee abusive homes, people getting out of jail or people who lost there place and just need help getting on there feet. Several speakers give personal storys about what this means to them, and despite heavy police presense, we are handing out flyers and making our point. One officer comes over and asks if we will be peaceful, and the discussion on the megaphone talks about the state violence of poverty, people dieing on the street, the recent heroine epedemic that is making people drop like flys and other forms of state violence that are imposed on us. One speaker makes the comments, we are not the ones armed to the teeth you are. The role of police as a tool of maintaining the power of financiers like Drummons who make life and death desisions with the stroke of a pen is highlighted.

Though most people were support, one bougie capitalist told us to fuck off and when stacey was speaking about her experiance of violence the friend of the bougie stated that he would shove the megaphone up her ass and continued to threaten and intimidate her, of course the police did nothing, demonstarting the fact that they are not there to maintain law and order but rather to patrol and control. The bougie then stated that since i know to read I should know better (i guess she never saw my blog lol, i may be able to read but my spelling and grammer suck) and insulted other protestors like they were stupid or some shit.

people continued to tell heartbreaking stories of what this budget means to them while Mr. Puke shirt was cavorting with the police and thanking them for protecting his establishment from the people he is screwing over.

After awhile seeing that police were bored and not paying attention several people decided to enter the bank and give speeches and chant inside, the cops, caught of gaurd, were helpless to stop this as our msg was brought to the financiers themselves. (I was outside)

Since bad clothing must go hand in hand with banking i watched as another bank lackey, with a bright red cowboy hat removed people forcibaly despite the fact that in there law only police can do this (I guess the law is not as euqal as some would have us believe).

As soon as all the secret cops came out of hiding we left, making it very obvious that any instituttion or group that upholds austerity and the austerity budget is a legitamitte target for economic disruption. This action was part of the province wide actions against the austerity implement by the liberals and is just the begining.

One Response to “Despite police intimidation, KW Ocuppy pickets TD Bank Then Goes inside when police is off guard!!!!”

  1. Leanne Flynn December 15, 2012 at 1:58 pm #

    Successful protest. Peaceful and organized, and very important. Thank you.

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