Report On Gaza Demo and occupation of pro Zionist MP’s office

20 Dec

Today a small but militant coalition including Poverty Makes Us Sick, The Anti Torture Coalition and Anti Colonialist Working group held a picket outside Conservative and Zionist Mp Peter Braids office to demand justice for the Palestinians in Gaza.Before we began Braid came out to inform us that supporting Isreal is supportinng international law.

The Picket began with a speech By Anti Colonialist Working Group Speaker Darryl Richardson introducing the demo. A statement in Solidarity with Gaza from 32CSM in Northern Ireland was then read which stated the solidarity between oppressed people and that the solution to the conflict is an end to occupation.

A statement explaing the violence of the occupation and who is responsible was read. This statement came from the Palestinian refugee camp in Syria Yarmouk, which has recently faced mass agression

The next Speaker from The Anti Torture Coalition spoke about the violence that Palestinians face as a result of imperialist aggression lead by Israel.

Poverty makes us sick then spoke about the engineering of poverty as part of the colonialist project, the attack on Palestinian livelihood by targeting the olive harvest, as well as the poverty of refugee camps, as well as the imposed poverty of refugees in KKKanada through attacks on refugee rights, increased racist attacks and healthcare coverage such as the cut to the interim federal health program. Poverty Makes Us Sick also talked about the cuts Jason Kenney implemented during the siege of aid money which is why Poverty makes us sick called on all to promote Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

After speaking outside the action moved indoors to Mr. Braid’s office. His staff appeared rather uncomfortable as Darryl began reading the names of those killed in the recent Israeli military occupation. As the impromptu memorial went on a heavy police presence arrived and let us know that the workers at the office did not want us there. However, as they were conducting a memorial service the police were powerless to remove us. After we finished we stated that we will be back and re interated that we will not sit by peacefully while the state of Israel carries out genocide. As a sighn of good faith we left our placards on top of the police cars.


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