Day 11 of Chief Theresa Spence’s Hungerstrike sees growing support but no response from Harper

21 Dec

Today is dayy 11 of the hungerstrike started by Chief Theresa Spence protesting the degrading conditions of indigenous peoples in this territory and on her reservation. What she wants is to meet with harper and the crown and demand that the agreements struck on a nation to nation basis be honored. Despite the simple demand that the indigenous peoples hereditary rights be upheld and that the settler state meet and discuss the current abismal situation , Harper has not budged.

As a settler on stolen land I have seen the situation for indigenous people here on Turtle Island Worsten and worsten. From paramilitary executions of peaceful protestors like Dudley George, to Military assaults at Gustufsen lake, Oka and other places where indigenous people are standing for there right to exist, to the state sanctioned racist attacks at so called Caledonia, it is obvious that the policy of genocide imposed by The settler state continues, and myself as a settler directly benifit from this.

With Harpers new laws and bills aimed at eradicating indigenous soverieghnty and destroying indigenous peoples way of life, it is obvious that the KKKanadian state aims to wipe out through assimilation and attack, Indigenous peoples in this territory.

Despite the growing local and international concern about what these new laws mean, harper is refusing to budge.

in the face of this, as a settler, I applaud the courage of Chief Spence who is willing to give up her own life so that her people may live and I condemn the cowerdly Harper who can meet with investors abroad to poison the lakes and destroy the earth but will refuse to meet with someone who comes in peace whose peoples are dirrectly affected by the policy of genocide he is implementing.

Today on the 11th day of Chief Spence’s hungerstrike my thoughts are with her and applaud her for not just standing up for indigenous peoples, but for all peoples residing on this territory because only through respecting and recognising the hereditary rights of indigenous people and building new relations which grants soverieghty to the original peoples of this territory can we as settlers call ourselves humans.


3 Responses to “Day 11 of Chief Theresa Spence’s Hungerstrike sees growing support but no response from Harper”

  1. leanne flynn December 22, 2012 at 12:09 pm #

    Chief Theresa Spence is important. I hope she is drinking warm broths and thick shakes. Canada needs her leadership, and we need her to keep her health and strength. If the nuke leaks were as bad as they appear to be, then hunger striking as a protest strategy is worse than it would otherwise be. I reported chemical attacks in our area in fall- winter 2009, more reasons for Chief Spence to consider modifying her protest strategy. As stored fats are released, she may be at risk of health complications as stored chemicals are released. The arrest of Steven Harpêr is overdue, and the state of emergency is not responded to properly, even today. The people of Attawapiskat require assistance- basic shelgter and supplies!, Canada requires leadership, and we all need real health information to recover from these attacks. Other countries have been watching this neonazi takeover in Canada with extreme concern. Steven Harper owes the entire world a thank you, for the opportunity to spend the next decades in prison. He should think of arrest as an opportunity for quality of life. To drag the English Royal Family through nuclear corridor was a huge and terrible crime. To fail to respond to emergencies was a terrible crime. To leave the Canadian people in a state of distress over basic access to health care and try to abolish human rights in our country was another huge and atrocious crime. The UN has already spoken- they called his leadership an atrocity. They meant that!

  2. leanne flynn December 26, 2012 at 8:12 am #

    MP Charlie Angus compares Chief Theresa Spence to deceased Irish folk hero Bobby Sands a recent article. One of the first Canadian references to Bobby Sands and his hunger strike that I remember reading here in Canada. How important.

  3. leanne flynn December 27, 2012 at 4:34 am #

    I really want to make clear that what I meant in the above comment is that this is the first published statement that I remember hearing from a Member of Canadian Parliament about Bobby Sands.

    “Hunger strikes have the potential to create martyrs and stir rage. One has only to remember the days of Bobby Sands and the bitter death strikes that rocked the U.K. in the 1980s.“ Charlie Angus MP

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