32csm condemn Gardai abuse of powers and interrogation of youth

22 Dec

From 32CSM Web Page
32csm condemn Gardai abuse of powers and interrogation of youth

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement condemn absolutely the actions of the Gardai who forced their way into the family home of a 16 year old Republican from County Clare and deliberately caused damage during their search which included breaking the toiet.
The 16 year old youth was interrogated for 5 hours in the presence of a priest as a witness who hadto sit in with him due to his age.
The reason for the raid and wrecking spree was that he was seen at the funeral of Alan Ryan and this seemed enough cause for them to intimidate the youth and his family.
The Gestapo style tactics employed by the ERU are purely punitive measures that have more in common with street thuggery than policing.
The disgraceful abuse & interrogation of this 16 year old youth, the destruction which took place in his house and the trauma inflicted was carried out because the Gardai wished to know why he attended a funeral. The reasons given lend credence to the thoughts that the powers that be are quite content to misuse, abuse and misrepresent the law in an attempt to quash Republican ideologies.
No matter how they dress it up or whatever reasons they may give, they are using out and out Political policing to punish and intimidate children for what they construe a differing political thought process.

End Political Policing! Beir bua!


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