Support the Aamjiwnaang #IdleNoMore Blockade!

24 Dec

Support the Aamjiwnaang #IdleNoMore Blockade!
.by Ron Plain on Sunday, December 23, 2012 at 3:23pm ·.Calling all allies!!

Support the Aamjiwnaang #IdleNoMore Blockade!

Following a community meeting this morning, and a meeting with the Mayor of Sarnia, Chief of Police and CN Rail representative, citizens of Aamjiwnaang have determined to maintain the blockade until community demands are met.Aamjiwnaang citizens are calling on all allies to come support the blockade. Bring WARM clothes and good intentions. Accepting food, wood and warm clothes donations.

Aamjiwnaang Citizens agreed to the following demands

1. Letters of support from the Mayor of Sarnia, CN Rail, MP Pat Davidson, and industry telling Harper to meet with Chief Spence.

2. We will consider leaving when this meeting has taken place.

3. That Harper respect and consult on a nation-to-nation basis.


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