Partially restored funding for CSUMB shows the corectness of our tactics and need to continues the strugglle!!!

28 Dec

The Liberal government recent announced that 2/3rd of funding to the community start up program or 43 million dollars will be restored. This move does not come from the goodness of there hearts but rather is a result of the mobalization of poor people and organized labour fighting back and showing that they will not suffer in silence.

This partial victory shows the correctness of using a diversity of tactics to fight back against the austerity messures implemented by the Liberals and there lackeies including militant actions, occupations and economic disruption.

This partial victory should not go to our heads, nor should it be a reason for people to demobalize, but rather should reinvigerate our strugglle and continue the fight against the austerity budget imposed by the Liberals and there friends the rich.

At the end of January the Liberals are having a convention to choose there new leader. They are doing this because all sectors of oppressed people understand who Dalton mguinty is and what he stands for. By putting forward a new face they hope to confuse the workers and other segments of society under attack . We must not let this happenned. Not only must we mobalize to give the Liberals the reception they deserve but we must continue our strugglle against the rich and there lackeys until all funding is restored and people can have a decent standard of living!!!

The strugglle is not over, IT HAS jusT BEGuN!!!!!


3 Responses to “Partially restored funding for CSUMB shows the corectness of our tactics and need to continues the strugglle!!!”

  1. leanne flynn December 31, 2012 at 11:33 am #

    It is so hard to tolerate Steven Harper as Prime Minister that it actually IS contributing to mass hysteria that he is still called Prime Minister. Basically anyone else would be the best Prime Minister in the world after this “reign of terror.” I want to go to Ottawa myself and place handcuffs on this man. I did mean to create an arrest plan and was so hoping that the RCMP or CFB would do that. It’s clear that charges include sedition in both Canada and the UK, plus high treason against Queen Elizabeth II- pretty extreme as the Prime Minister. Absurd, really. I can’t believe UK soldiers haven’t arrived to arrest him, yet. We need UN peacekeepers in Ottawa. This man needs to understand that he is going to be arrested. I’m not sure what location we would secure him in after arrest. I think the arrest is the easier part, actually. Where the fk do we hold that guy as we process justice for crimes that tremendous? Petawawa military base, I guess. This man is actually trying to cause a civil war in order to avoid justice, and he’s the prime minister. And states of emergency are still not responded to! Bizarre. Chief Spence must be as astonished as I am at his selfishness and cruelty. I wonder if he’s taking memory erasure drugs? He needs to be arrested. Back to that arrest plan today. Wish me luck with that.

  2. leanne flynn December 31, 2012 at 11:52 am #

    Steven Harper should be just sitting at Petawawa while CFB arranges intervention for crisis and gets militias and red cross active in intervention plans. I don’t think we should be even worrying about his crimes or how justice will deal that. We still have nursing staff attacking patients outright and police officers attacking innocent people. There are so many state of emergency situations that crisis intervention teams will be busy for months. We need post disaster relief teams active in every province and territory, and he couldn’t look more stoned if he tried! We need UN trained negotiators working with every single Canadian forces base to restore morale and review training procedures and fix them. We need Red Cross active and mobilized. I really like what the American National Guard is doing- going door to door checking on people. They have done something like a hundred thousand door to door house checks this year. Canada should be doing the same thing. I’d love to see their checklist of questions for people. Ours would need to include access to health care questions.

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