Hail The 54th Anniversary of The Cuban Revolution!!!!

29 Dec

54 years ago, what started as group of 12 people surviving a cruel landing in Cuba on the Granma,toppled the U$ backed Batitista Government and marched into Havana Cuba with the whole country behind them.This was done by unify the peasantry, creating a peoples army, and fighting for  the people.

What started as a war of national liberation against U$ imperialism, under the leadership of Fidel Castro and the Party has become one of the first successful socialist revolution in this hemisphere, inspiring people across the world and putting fear into tyrants everywhere.

54 years later, the Cuban revolution continues to influence world affairs and instills fear in tyrants not because of force of arms but rather because of the example that Cuba is to the world.

The Cuban Revolution started 54 years ago wiped out illiteracy, gave land to the people, took back resources from U$ industry through nationalization and created a society fit for human beings.

Despite hundreds of assassination attempts on the Cuban leadership, military assault lead by the U$ lackeys, U$ sponsored terrorism and sabotage as well as an illegal blockade aimed and destroying Cubas economy which is still in place today, the Cuban revolution not only survived, but has thrived and is still playing a very important role in the struggle against Anglo American Imperialism.

Cuban internationalism has played an important role in the collapse of the Apartheid regime in South Africa, has unified Latin American nations by creating the Bolivarian alternative, with Venezuela and other countries as a counter part to U$ imperialism in Latin America and sends more docters to the third world then the UN world health organization.

The most important thing however that Cuba has given to the world is its example that imperialism can be defeated through armed struggle and a small nation of 11 million people can take on the worlds superpower not because they have superiour firepower or more soldiers but rather because their cause is just, and that in the face of enormous odds people armed with courage, selflessness and justice can and will defeat those who aim to undermine destroy and subjugate them.

in todays global economy that creates horrible conditions where children sleep on the street, neo liberal cuts to social programs create more and more unemployment and our streets are rampant with crime and drugs, Cuba in stark contrast shows the world what kind of society we can have if we put the needs of the people first, and that not only is another world possible but rather necessary.

On the 54th anniversary of The Cuban Revolution i salute the Cuban people in there struggle against Anglo American imperialism, and the example that they still give the world today of an alternative where children go to school instead of jail, sleep in beds as opposed to cardboard boxes, have literacy instead of ignorance and are guaranteed basic rights by virtue of being human!!!!



3 Responses to “Hail The 54th Anniversary of The Cuban Revolution!!!!”

  1. doug December 29, 2012 at 6:11 pm #

    Still preaching about how great that shit hole of an island Cuba is huh Julian.I have asked you many times why you don’t live there if you think it’s so great but you never have an answer.I guess your still content to leach off the Canadian taxpayers and continue to whine about how life is so tough for you and your band of free loaders.

    • julian ichim December 31, 2012 at 7:33 pm #

      i cant move to Cuba, im on charges numbnuts!!!!!!

      • doug December 31, 2012 at 9:11 pm #

        LOL So what! I think old Fidel would welcome the likes of you with open arms.Canada would not extradite you for the mickey mouse charges they have on you but would instead be glad to be rid of you!

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