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On the Anniversary of Bloody Sunday banners across Ontario dropped in Support of The POW’s and The People of Short Strand

31 Jan

On january 30th, the anniversary of British paratroopers murdering 14 civilians in Derry Marching against internment and for basic human rights in Northern Ireland, People across Ontario dropped banners and held signs across the 401 in support of Irish Political Prisoners and demanding an end to loyalist/PSNI collusion in Short Strand and other place in the Occupied North.

Banners were dropped in London, Kitchener, Waterloo and two in Toronto, one in the east and one in the west end. Slogans included “Free Marian Price, British Death Squads Out of Ireland, and Support The Irish Pows”

One banner in Toronto which stated ‘”From Ireland to Turtle island (the indigenous name for the territory known as KKKanada) Resist Colonization” was carried around all over Toronto until eventually being dropped at King and Jamesion.

There were no serious issues with Police except in Kitchener where police officers clark, and poulin approached people who were holding a banner above the 401 on the sidewalk and harrassed them. When approached by police the police liason stated that they were not breaking the law, why they were there and what they were doing.

The police then said the reason they were there is because someone called them and they wanted to know more about Northern Irish Politics so they can tell people what is going on(what bullshit, as if the Colonialist KKKanadian State really wants to tell people whats going on in Ireland). The officer then stated that he was German and ignorant to the issues, and tried to get peoples names and engage in conversation, which people did not give, nor did they engage. Officers then continued to observe the activists who continued to hold the banner until rush hour ended.

All in all todays actions were successful,and positive.

RIP Kelsey

30 Jan

Its sad when you hear that someone you know is dead, its horrifying when you find out that not only were they murdered but that there body was brutally dismembered. Kelsey was loved by many downtown and her death is a tragedy. This tradegy is made worst by the way in which she was died. We live in a sick society when such brutal and barbaric things can be done to young women, especialy one as nice and funny as Kelsey.
If there was any justice the person who did this would be shot, and his family would be made to pay for the bullets.

Statement of Anti Colonialist Working Group on The Death of Dolours Price and Continued internment of Marian Price!!!

26 Jan

On Jan 23rd Ireland lost one of their most brave and heroic fighters IRA Volunteer Dolours Price. Anti Colonialist Working Group send their condolences to the Price family and the Irish people for this great loss. In this sad time we send our sympathy to the family, friends and comrades of this great woman who has always remained true to the principles of Irish Republicans despite all the attacks on herself and her family.

We particularly send our condolences to Marian Price who is still interned by the British state for the fact that she holds the same principles, and is being punished for refusing to give up these principles.

Anti Colonialist Working Group condemns the continued internment of Marian Price , despite the fact that she was granted bail, and condemns the fact that the British state is refusing to let her grieve or even attend the funeral of her sister.

Her continued internment is part of the psychological torture against Price and her whole family, who is not just punishing Marian Price but her whole family by stealing from them two daughters!!!! To deny Marian the right to be with her family in this dark time demonstrates the true nature of the British occupation which has nothing to do with law and order, or compassion but rather is based on torture, destroying families, shredding documents and ignoring courts when they dont rule in their favour.

Anti Colonialist Working Group is appalled at the level of inhumanity the Occupation is willing to sink to destroy Peoples just struggle for freedom, and demands the immediate release of Marian Price so that she can be reunited with her family.

It is obvious that this latest tactic is aimed to break Marian Price, and teach a lesson to all those who refuse to bow down to the forces of imperialism and colonialism in the occupied Six Counties. The Anti Colonialist Working Groups admires the courage of Marian Price and Salutes her determination in the face of continued torture and attacks by the British state and want her to know that the whole world is watching!!!!

Set her Free! Let her grieve! Statement from 32CSM on The Continued internment of Marian Price after her sisters death!!!

25 Jan

From 32CSM webpage

Set her Free! Let her grieve!

The decision by the British Injustice system to keep Marian Price incarcerated following the death of her sister Dolours is disgraceful, though not surprising given their history of anti Irish sentiment and their blatant miscarriages of justice that are recognised worldwide.
Marian Price was jailed purely and simply as a scapegoat for the British government and a sop to Unionists: Not as they’d have you think for anything relating to justice.
She was granted a pardon in 1981 and released.. This pardon which would have proved that she had been released on behalf of this and not the license system was subsequently and admittedly destroyed by the British.The ramifications of a government subverting justice systems through the systematic destruction of evidence cannot be stressed enough.This weekend we will once again take to the streets in memory of those murdered by the British army on behalf of the British government. We can once again see that 41 years on, civil rights are still a privilege for a chosen section of the community as opposed to parity for all.Marian price, like Gerry Mc Geough, like Martin Corey and countless others have been excluded from proper justice, removed and incarcerated….Interned!
We ask people to make themselves heard… It is an absolute disgrace that Marian cannot grieve her sister.. Having once again been granted bail, the bitter sectarian system once again closed ranks to ensure that they could attribute blame without trial..
Demand that Marian be released! End British injustice! End British Internment!

Rest in Peace Dolours..

Statement From The Family of Marian Price on the refusal of the British state to allow her to attend her sister Dolores’s Funeral

25 Jan

Statement from the family of Marian Price McGlinchey.

We have received news that Marian’s application for compassionate parole following the tragic death of her sister Dolours has been refused, despite her being granted bail earlier today.
Given Marian’s current health issues it is laughable that she would pose any kind of security or flight risk. We feel this decision is nothing more than a cont…inuance of a vicious and vindictive campaign on the part of the Prison Service, the Department of Justice and the British secretary of state along with M15 to destroy Marian both physically and mentally.
We would urge all right thinking people to utterly condemn this blatant breach of Marian’s fundamental human rights.

Support David Cedeno on Hungerstrike for 16 days!!!!

24 Jan

David Cedeno, imprisoned in Penatang, is carrying out a hungerstrike to demand an end to abuses by the prison system against him and others, below is a list of his demands, please write to him to show support
c/o Central North Correctional Complex
1501 Fuller Ave
Penetanguishene, ON
L9M 2H4

Requests for Justice from David Cedeño –

Systemic Provincial and Institutional Demands For All Imprisoned People –
1. Proper staffing to decrease lockdown time and restore programming
2. Availability of calling cards for imprisoned people
3. Healthier food for superjails
4. Better access to books especial in segregation
5. More access to canteen, esp hygiene for imprisoned people in segregation
…6. Avail of better footwear for all imprisoned people
7. Proper medical treatment for imprisoned people in need
8. Better grieveance processes and better complaint resolution processes

Demands Specific For All People Imprisoned at the CNCC –
1. Return to 8:30pm lockup
3. Access to existing facilities including gym, library, art room
2. Better air filtration of cells and ranges
4. Remove ban on books in segregation
5. Removal metal window blockers for segregation cells
6. Access to educational program materials for people imprisoned in segregation

Personal Demands –
1. Appeals for the misconducts received Nov 8th, Dec 2nd, Jan 9th
2. Consideration for time spent in the hole i.e. 2 for 1
3. Transferred to OCI or at least out of the CNCC
4. Proper medical treatment, i.e. follow up appts w sleep apnea specialists
5. Opportunity to have access to educational programming
6. Resolution to specific complaints filed against guards

Alex Hundert is back in the hole

23 Jan

From Alex’s Blog

Update, Jan. 22: Alex is back in the hole (in administrative segregation). The provincial adjudication from a few days ago was overruled and Alex has been declared a ‘security threat’. It is unclear if and when he will be out of solitary confinement, it could be up to 9 weeks (the remaining time left on his sentence). He is doing okay though and says hi to all.