Workers and Poor people arent idiots (collecting signatures around repelling bill 115)

3 Jan

Today i went with my friend who is a college professor to do some door to door work collecting signatures around the issue of Bill115, which is a bill that the Liberal government is passing to take away the teachers right to collective bargaining. This Bill , which was passed today is not just an attack on the Teachers, but on all organized labour, unions, and workers in Ontario because of the president that it sets, eg. if they can attack the collective bargaining rights of one union, then they can have the power (and we do know that they have the will) to do it to all workers and smash any sort of organized resistance from labour to impose their agenda of austerity and attack the working class as a whole. Given that among organized labour, the Teachers union have usually been a bulwark of the Liberal party, this attack also demonstrates that the Liberals are willing to push through whatever benefits the rich without any care for what any segment of society says.

The Liberal party has been trying to split the working class in the Media by portraying the teachers as overpayed professionals who should feel happy that they have any rights at all, while factories are closing and more and more workers are losing their job. if one watches what is said in the media one would have the impression that poor people, unorganized workers and factory workers are sick of the teachers whining and support this attack.
So it was very surprising to an NDP friend of mine who i was having coffee with that the places we would be collecting signatures is not in suburbia, but rather in the low income housing buildings and working class neighbourhoods.

Know the purpose of collecting signatures is not to make the Liberals change there mind, since it is obvious that they care not what people think but rather to create a way in which people can be mobilized around the issue and take a stand, as well as create space through the door to door work to have the political discussions necessary to create independent working class politics.

My friend showed up and after we grabbed our coffee, we went to my old building where i use to live several years ago. Given the fact that we had several fights as tenants in the past with the slumlord for basic rights and he hates my guts, i was very cautious not to be seen by him. We started knocking on the doors, and most people who answered were single moms and layed off factory workers with kids. As soon as we started talking about why we were there, people started talking to us and most understood exactly what was at stake and how the attacks on the teachers were an attack on the whole working class.

We continued to the second building and were surprised, but not shocked that most people in the building were not abled bodied, and the austerity imposed by the Liberal government and attacks on ODSP (disability) were very evident. Going door to door, many people were willing to sign as soon as we said we have a petition against bill 115, understanding the issue without us even getting a word in. After carrying on this way it was clear to us that this bill is very unpopular among the groups that we were targeting for signatures.

ironically this segment of the population, layed off workers, sincle mothers and non unionized workers are not as stupid as the media would have us believe and despite all the attempts by the Liberals to divide the working class here in Ontario on the basis of misinformation and pitting one group against another it is clear from our experience today that their tactics are not working.

The people we talked to today, clearly stood against these attacks because they were aware of what the Liberals are trying to do, attack the whole working class through divide and conquer tactics and take away the rights of the whole working class which was payed for by the blood of those who have and are still fighting for the right to organize and not be exploited.

The mistake that the ruling class has made is that they think that workers and poor people are idiots, which is far from the truth, and they actually have come to believe this propaganda that they themselves have created. This will not just cost them an election, but will create the space for us to organize, resist and defeat the agenda that they are imposing on us and by doing so enabling us, the working class to set our agenda.


4 Responses to “Workers and Poor people arent idiots (collecting signatures around repelling bill 115)”

  1. doug January 4, 2013 at 8:01 pm #

    You just hate it when someone calls you on your lies and BS Julian.Good thing you have the delete button or people might start doubting you! LOL

    • julian ichim January 4, 2013 at 10:42 pm #

      ur the fucken idiot cause of two things, 1. what time was the announcement made and what time did i write the article,

      2. The way in which it was resinded allows means that it is still in pace but there can be no court challenge etc. allowing it force the teachers to accept what has been done to them and robbing them of any legal avenue to challenge it, which sets a very dangerous precident.

      I delete your shit cause ur a troll who says stupid shit

  2. alan January 4, 2013 at 10:43 pm #

    Well have you been deleted recently Doug? Anyhoo in regards to the teachers keep clearly in mind that their ability to “negotiate” with school boards has been bogus for a long time. My opinion is that the boards sold the farm a few decades ago to the teachers union in exchange for a sweetheart deal along the lines of we’ll keep giving you lots of taxpayers money in exchange for you guys never publicly criticizing us the boards for our failure to educate so many students. Also when we the board decide to raise our salaries out of sight we’d appreciate you not pointing that out to the public. In other words it’s a scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Nobody’s the good guy in this whole thing and that certainly includes the government. Basically as usual john Q public takes it in the ear for the benefit of the priveleged which includes government, school boards, civil service and teachers.

  3. doug January 5, 2013 at 12:10 am #

    I delete your shit cause ur a troll who says stupid shit

    LOL.It may be stupid shit to you but a lot more people think the way I do compared to the wackos that agree with your twisted way of thinking.

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