Last year we fought hard, this year lets kick there ass!!!!!!

8 Jan

2012 was a year of struggle, repression resistance and victory!!!!Fro battles in the court todefend our right to be political to battles in the streets we of The Spot Collective have shown that no matter how much repression is thrown at us, not only will we not be broken but we will fight back and win.

From participating in the Quebec solidarity movement, to fighting the anti social offensive, to community defense, The Spot collective has played a vital role in Kitchener Waterloo as a revolutionary force to push for change and intensify the struggle.

Despite attacks from both the state and actorvists who criticize our tactics, strategies and ideologies, we have raised our banner in 2012 and held our  ground. With the end of the year, and victories on various fronts of struggle, we have shown that not only is our militancy justified, but that it is necessary.

This year, let us continue the struggle that we have been fighting, consolidate our work and intensify our resistance. Let us not be satisfied with crumbs that fall off the table of the rich, nor let us be satisfied with partial restorations to social programs cut under the anti social offensive.

These reforms won at the regional and provincial level show the power that a community has when it is willing to mobalize and fight not matter what the cost. We are not reformists, but rather radicals and as such we seek to go to the root of the problem, which is the neo liberal economic policy advanced by governments across the world. Armed with this analysis let us not let these victories serve to demobalize us but rather to invigorate our struggle and intensify our resistance until the problem itself is solved.

This year we will continue to fight on an anti capitalist basis and broaden our list of targets to include all those whose economic policy’s seek to impoverish us, destroy our communities and attack our basic rights that we have by virtue of being human.

We will continue to target the liberals and there backers, continue to resist the gentrifiers who destroy our communities and continue to resist the police, the armed wing of the state that seeks to brutalize us and criminalize our struggle.

Furthermore we will do this like we have always done it, by relying on ourselves and our allies to fight on our own terms and reject the whole notion of changing the system from within.

We will continue to reject bourgoise notions of legalism and reformism which not only seek to disempower us and aim to serve as a diversion from our true aims and goals, but also seek to entrench and legitimize the current political system and its institutions as well as strengthen this absurd notion that we have a say in the system and that if only we used the proper channels things would be all hunky dorry.

As was stated earlier the problem is not one of fighting for the embeterment of a system that excludes us, nor is it to gain a seat at the table where we can negotiate which sector should or should not be attacked, but rather our goals and aims are to attack and smash the system that attacks us, the neo liberal agenda of the state, and vest political power in the people. This cannot be accomplished inside the system and whatever “proper” channels the bourgeoise give us to list our grievances do not address the root of the problem but rather act as a saftey valve to demobalize and sow confusion.

Let us not be confused we do not want a say in which programs are cut and which ones are spared, we want an end to the anti social offensive a society fit for all. This can only be achieved through setting our own agenda and fighting for it , not grovelling at the feet of the rich, nor playing there games.

This year the Spot Collective will continue and intensify the work we have started, defending our politics, defending our right to be political refusing to reject our militancy and intensifying our counter offensive against gentrification an austerity. We seek to do this by continuing to openly confronting the bourgeoise and there lackeys, unashamed of our politics, tactics aims and goals.

This year we intensify our resistance, refusing to apologize, grovel or beg either the rich for crumbs or actorvists for their approval. 2013 is the year of intensification, we will fight and we will win!!!!


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