KW OCCUPY And Supporters OCCUPY Condo Developers

15 Jan

On Jan 15th Members of KW Occupy and poverty makes us sick staged an occupation of the City Development office in Downtown Kitchener. City Development plans to build condominiums in the downtown core relocating and displacing working class and poor people from the downtown core to make room for yuppies.
This plays an integral part in the gentrification and social cleansing of workingclass and poor people and is something that we resist.

Walking in with a banner Stating “Housing Now if They Dont Make it We Will Take It” referring to the continued destruction of working class homes in the core, people entered the premises, giving speeches, chanting and explaining why it is important to oppose this development. The After occupying the office for quite some time and refusing to leave, even after security turned off the lights many cops showed up and were preaching to us about proper ways to protest.

After some discussion people went on the steps and gave speeches promising to continue the struggle against gentrification as well as telling personal storys and explaining why this is necessary.

All in all this action was successful and we will continue our strugglle against social clensing and gentrification


One Response to “KW OCCUPY And Supporters OCCUPY Condo Developers”

  1. The Mad Hatter January 16, 2013 at 10:20 pm #

    Hey, I’m thinking of buying one of the condos. I’ll be sure to invite you over for tea sometime. Keep up the good work!

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