Maximum disruption to institution of colonialist and state violence!!!!!

17 Jan

Recently somepeople have been asking about the purpose of the fact that we have been putting energy into occupations sittins and other such events. The police, an institution of state violence, has said that we need to do mass work and be in the streets, i guess its easier for them to find us and beat us that way as well to know what our numbers actually are. While i feel no need to justify myself to this paramilitary force, especially since it has become more and more an arm of political and social repression, and I hope they drop dead( as an instituttion, not individuals), i feel it is necessary to outline our present strategy to our comrades and supporters sothey can not be confused by media and others who attempt to portray these actions in a ngetative lights.

Simply put we are fighting a social and political strugglle against the forces of capitalism and colonialism engaged in the social cleansing and economic attacks on the workers and poor people, we are fighting a battlle against the colonialist institutions that are perpetratting genocide here and abroad and against a paramilitary force armed to the teeth whose goals and aims are to wipe us out politicallt, neutralize us and throw us all in jail.

These institutions, The British Consulate, The office of minister of Social Services aka Minister of Misery, Condo Developers and the like are not neutral institutiiond but rather are forces of social violence whereby witha stroke of a pen important social services are cut, genocide is perpetrated and poor people are displaced. These instituions have power because the state gives them power through the force of arms and agression.

In light of this we cant hit them head on and expect that our actions will have any serious impact, and by hitting them head on we not only needlessly put ourselves at risk but any protest is at best symbolic.

As once can see there is no point to symbolic protest which is more like theature, one side the police, the other protestors people shake there fist and then go home.

Our strategy is through the use of effective targetting and disruption, with a minimal amount of people to target and attack the instituions that attack us by attacking there ability to function and carry out there goals and aims of implementing colonialism, anti poor and worker legislation and austerity and by doing so making it more expensive for them to carryout there violent policys forcing them to backdown by destroying there political will to attack and criminalize us.

By shutting down these instituions even for several hours, we are demonstrating to the broad people that these instituions that criminalize and marginalize us can and must be fought, and only by this will they be forced to listen. In fact one can say its a way of holding them accountable. If Milloy or others will implement legislation that attacks us we will strike back and by doing so show that there are consequences to there action and we wont sit by silently and let them implement there agenda.

The tctics of accupation and diruption are not new, nor are they terrorist. and the very idea of sit ins and disruptions has a whole history from the workers movement to the civil rights movement to Ghandis fight against the british.
This does not mean we reject mass mobalizations and have done quite a few, but rather that we recognize there is a need for a variety of tactics including disruption, direct action and occupation.

We are committed to continue on this course of disruption and escalation, because our result have shown that this tactic is effective, and we will continue to target instituions of colonialism and austerity until we win!!!!!

Victory belongs to us!!!!!!


2 Responses to “Maximum disruption to institution of colonialist and state violence!!!!!”

  1. BISE January 24, 2013 at 5:33 pm #

    You write very interesting, the topics are interesting. I like this site. For how long have you been blogging? How much time do you spend on this? I hope that I can use some of your texts on my web page. Yours, Ben

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