The Spirit of Che Guevara still lives through the Cuban people!!!!

19 Jan

I was sitting at an elder Romanian poets house, helping him with house work and using the internet, putting up pictures of cats or what not on my Facebook, waiting for my cell to ring when two University profs, who are also Romanian come to discuss Romanian poetry with this poet. Seeing me on the computer, they came over asked if I was Julian and started telling me about there most recent trip to Cuba. i asked them where they went, and we started talking.

Anyone who knows me knows that i am enamored by the Cuban Revolutions and its achievements, and after there most recent trip so were they. We talked about the spirit of the Cuban nation and its resistance to U$ terrorist and economic aggression, the blockade, achievements in healthcare, collectivization, education all of which springs from U$ aggression and the will of a people to refuse to be subjugated.

The prof quoted an old Romanian saying “we may be poor but at least we have our souls” and this saying totally applies to the Cuban people who despite a 57 year war to undermine their revolution and a criminal blockade that wont let a single aspirin enter the country have refused to sell any of their principles or their sovereignty.

I reached into my backpack (anyone who knows me knows the backpack i speak of which at any moment has everything from legal documents, to chocalates, to books to dirty socks) and pulled out some pictures of some of my trips to Cuba, cutting sugarcane in the countryside, mass rallies, my hikes in the sierra maiestra and of course my pictures from Santa Clara on July 26th when Fidel Castro gave a speech on the significance of Che Guevara.

We start talking about Che Guevara and his significance not only to the people of Cuba but to the world. His ideas on volunteer work, Culture, his internationalism and his spirit of self sacrifice and revolutionary love.

Realizing that the purpose of there visit was not to talk to me but to my friend I excused myself for a ciggerrette and had several. As they left (the profs) I promised to find for them some of the writings of Che, Marti and Hiedi Santamaria.

While i was smoking I was thinking about one of my favorite sayings from Che, “let us be Realistic and achieve the impossible”. This saying sums up Che Guevara’s life, a medical student who saw the horrors of colonialism and swore to defeat them, who joined a small group of people on really crappy boat to start a revolution, and upon landing when all but twelve were killed, continued to fight and create a people movement. The person who with 300 people in Santa Clara captured thousands of soldiers after derailing a train with reinforcements aimed at wiping out the July 26th movement. The man who stood up to the Soviets and americans and instead of sitting quietly in havana gave his life to liberate the peoples of this earth, murdered only to be resurrected again in the heart of revolutions around the world. Yes, he was realistic and achieved the impossiblle.

I also think about Cuba and the parallels between the strugglle of the Cuban peoples and Che’s Life. To stand against one of the biggest superpowers, liberate themselves, defeat American aggression at the Bay of pigs, and set their own agenda, in the corse giving land to the people wiping out illiteracy and creating a socialist society. The Cuban people have achieved the impossible!!!!!

Within the last twenty years, with the collapse of the Soviet Block and the loss of 80% of trade, during the special period where factories came to a halt and everyone thought that the Cuban people were defeated, they once again achieved the impossible by maintaining both their sovereignty and independence without sacrificing the victory of the people or letting one person fend for themselves. Now once again when imperialist vultures are again encircling Cuba predicting the end of socialism the Cuban people in their defiance are marching on!!!!

When Che Guevara was killed he said ” shoot me you are only killing a man”. This has been proven to be true for though the CIA did kill the man Ernesto Guevara, the spirit of Che survived within the Cuban people, a people who like Che remain defiant, and are realistic enough to achieve the impossible


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