Feb. 1st Ballad night for the Irish POWs a success

2 Feb

On February 1st, there was a ballad night held in support of Irish Republican Prisoners. The night started with a moment of silence for Dolours Price, followed by speeches and statements from the following groups: Occupy KW, Toronto Forum on Cuba, Toronto Anarchist Black Cross, Anti-Colonialist Working Group, as well as a college professor. Occupy KW spoke of their support for Irish resistors of British occupation. Toronto Forum on Cuba sent greetings of solidarity to the prisoners, and talked about the case of the Cuban Five. Toronto Anarchist Black Cross sent their condolences to Marian Price and condemned the British Government for the continued internment of Marian Price. The professor spoke of criminalization in the age of austerity, Bill 115, and the need for all sectors of society to organize resistance. Afterwards two performers sang songs of support, followed by everyone singing rebel songs. Ironically, a hardcore anti-Irish orange sympathizer who has attacked people in the past for handing out literature about Marian Price just happened to be in the establishment while the ballad night took place. He was very quite when people were belting out “The IRA will set you free”! There was a collection of donations for the the families of the POW’s to end the night, and an announcement for a month-long raffle to raise additional funds. All in all it was a great and successful night! We all agree, though, that the next ballad night should be held in a bar!


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