Condo develepers hit again!!!!!

6 Feb

On February 5th, KW Occupy intensified it’s campaign against gentrification in the Kitchener downtown core. Members gathered at City Center model condominium show room and office on King Street. They proceeded inside carrying a banner that stated “Housing now! If you don’t make it, we will take it!”.
A statement of intent was presented to the employee claiming no ill will toward her. She wasted no time in calling the cops, who were conveniently on a shift change, and trying to stall for time. They asked her what Julian was wearing; Julian realized they were kinky fucks, so he began to comically remove articles of clothing.
During this time, the customers inside proceeded to leave the building, seeming to want nothing to do with what was going on. The employee then suggested that we protest the situation at city hall.
The demonstration moved outside where members began to give speeches to the public. As they moved out side, the City Center employee locked the doors behind them, ending business a half hour early. A small but easy victory!


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