Reject PAVIS and the new model of policing, no targetted policing in our communities!!!!!

7 Feb

Today at about 3 oclock 4 cruisers, cops on foot and police on a horse, arrested and brutalized a person of color as soon as he left a community centre in the downtown core. They proceeded to search him in public, humilating him and with the heavy amount of police making it seem like he was some crazied psycho.

The proximity between his arrest and the fact that he left a community centre demonstartaes the truth that the new model of policing, which includes so called community consltation demonstrates the fact that police in these community centres and shelters has nothing to do with learning and assisting people but rather everything to do with developing informants in the community. The fact that CSIS, an inntelligence gathering agency has been trying to recruit members to work for them at this community centre in the past demonstrates the truth that aside from muslims, black people, poor people and native people they are serious about targetting politicl people who organize in the community to find solutions to the problems that capitalism builds!!!!!

The fact that police used the horse in this arrest, which were bought for protestors and crowd control on a non political civilian shows that they care not what the tools they use are meant for or what they say they are for, but rather with indiscriminatly use any and all tools on targetted communitys as well as those who organize resistantance!!!!

2 Responses to “Reject PAVIS and the new model of policing, no targetted policing in our communities!!!!!”

  1. Leanne Flynn February 7, 2013 at 9:59 pm #

    horrific. What do u mean by “CSIS has been recruiting at community centers”? Soliciting people to apply for a job with them, you mean? Can you give me some details about that? Are they displaying badges that say CSIS of Canada? There are several organizations that are very different and not even Canadian that also have CSIS as their acronym. For example, one is an American information collection agency that focuses on socio-political information and they buy and sell information as their full corporate plan. Their badges would also say CSIS- but they would not be government intelligence staff employees. Big difference! I nearly fainted when I learned about that company, and they’ve been around longer than I have. I had no idea. CSIS of Canada does hire young people and people with not much work experience for various jobs like data entry or research, but they do post those jobs on official government job search sites and clearly identify themselves as CSIS and clearly describe the job offered. They would not actually “recruit” in the way that you describe- ever.

    I’m looking now for the pictures you mention there. Thanks for posting this.

    • julian ichim February 7, 2013 at 10:12 pm #

      Theres a previous post on this, several community groups were horriffied that this was happening and that Canadian Security intelligence Services was recruiting, so they had to back off,The campaigh was lead by the anti torture coalition which i am not apart of. The fucked up thing is that many immigrants and muslims use this centre which puts them at risk

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