Peoples of the World Gratefully Acknowledge the Victory of Stalingrad’s Right to Be

8 Feb

From TML Weekly
Peoples of the World Gratefully Acknowledge the Victory of Stalingrad’s Right to Be

Soviet soldier raises a red flag of victory in Stalingrad, February 2, 1943 after the German surrender.

February 2, 2013, the 70th Anniversary of the victory of the battle for Stalingrad

TML sends its most heartfelt congratulations to all the descendants of those who fought and defeated the German Nazi invaders and other European barbarians who attacked Stalingrad August 23, 1942. The fidelity, heroism and sacrifices of the defenders of the city will never be forgotten. Their victory over fascist aggression has become an integral part of humanity’s modern outlook of conscious organized resistance in defence of the rights people have by virtue of being human.

The assault on Stalingrad was central to the German imperialist frenzied thirst to carve out a military Empire with blood, tears, terror, the theft of peoples’ land and resources, enslavement of working people, defence of class privilege and monopoly right, and smashing of the right to be. The incoherent Hitlerite ideology of racism and anti-communism became a cover for the desire of German monopolies to dominate the world. Using the industrial might of conquered states throughout Europe and the collaboration of the monopolies and their political representatives of occupied France and elsewhere, the German monopolies believed enslavement of the peoples of the Soviet Union and theft of their land and raw material were all that was missing to conquer the world. The 1941 invasion was an attempt to deprive the Soviet peoples of their land and right to be, their right to choose their own economic system and way of political governance, and bring them under the domination of German monopolies and their Nazi political thugs. The conquering of Stalingrad and the people of the Volga River in the heart of Russia was seen as a key to seizing and holding all of the Soviet Union and exploiting the riches of Mother Volga and beyond.

The Soviet peoples and their Communist Party and Red Army led by the incomparable Joseph Stalin were determined to resist the trampling of their rights and dignity and the abuse and exploitation of their socialist Motherland. The organized people of Stalingrad and the country’s Red Army were at the centre of the defence of the industrial city during that tumultuous period from August 23, 1942 until the remaining German invasion forces attacking the city surrendered February 2, 1943.

Not One Step Back!
As the invaders were massing over one million soldiers and thousands of tanks, artillery pieces and planes on the Russian steppe west of Stalingrad, the leader of the socialist Motherland, Joseph Stalin, vowed that this was as far east as the criminals would go. “Not one step back!” became the battle cry of Stalingrad.

In the forefront of the organized resistance were the units of the Red Army and Workers’ Militia. The Workers’ Militia fortified every factory and workplace so that even after being bombed, any attempt of the invading force to occupy the facility would be repulsed. Students and community members young and old were organized and armed to fight to defend their city and the rights of all. Only the very young and infirm were evacuated east across the Volga. The Urban Committee of Defense, headed by the Secretary of the Stalingrad Communist Party Regional Office declared, “Dear comrades! Stalingrad citizens! Bloody Hitlerites have torn their way to sunny Stalingrad and to the great river Volga. Stalingrad citizens! Let us not allow the Germans to desecrate our native city. Let us rise as one to protect our beloved city, homes, and families. Please leave your homes and build impregnable barricades on every street. Let us make each quarter, each house, each street an unassailable fortress . Everyone to the barricades! All those who can carry a rifle must protect their native city and homes!”

The organized Soviet forces upholding their popular will to defend their rights and the justness of their cause created a calm atmosphere even when confronted with what the entire world said was the most deadly and powerful imperialist army ever amassed. Through conscious acts of organization and resistance, the defenders of the city overwhelmed all panic and hint of capitulation. “Not one step back!” was on everyone’s lips.

Immediately following the arrival of the invaders and their initial attack, the Red Army and organized units of workers and residents began powerful counterattacks to wear down the imperialist aggressors. Within a little over five months, the supposedly invincible German military attacking Stalingrad with the most advanced weapons on the ground, air and river had been decimated and was approaching collapse. By February 2, the Red Army had gained superiority in the air and its ground forces had surrounded the remnants of the German Sixth Army, which surrendered in shame and infamy. The organized peoples of the Soviet Union and Stalingrad had defended their right to be and smashed the invading imperialists!

With such colossal German losses of soldiers and war materiel, a new quality emerged in favour of the people; the imperialist aggressors became the hunted. The anti-fascist war entered its victorious denouement.

Defence of Rights
The significance of the victory of Stalingrad and the war against fascism is found in the defence of rights. It proved that in the modern era, the security of the people lies in the organized defence of the rights of all. No matter how powerful the usurper of rights may appear, conscious acts of organized resistance can eventually deprive the antagonist of the power to deprive the people of the rights they possess by virtue of being human.

Twenty years following the victory of Stalingrad, in March of 1963, the anti-imperialist youth and students’ movement the Internationalists led by Hardial Bains was formed in Vancouver. The Internationalists was the proud inheritor of the communist legacy of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin and the spirit and victory of Stalingrad and the anti-fascist war.

The formation of the Internationalists was necessary to settle scores with modern revisionism that has betrayed the victory of Stalingrad, the event that ushered in the period of the affirmation of rights in opposition to the barbarism of imperialist aggression and colonialism.

The revisionist betrayal of the victory at Stalingrad reveals its infidelity to the defence of rights and its cowardice in the face of U.S. imperialism, the greatest enemy of rights since World War II and a far more powerful, dangerous and devious aggressor than German Nazi imperialism ever was. To give U.S. imperialism free rein to deprive the peoples of the world their rights tramples on the legacy of Stalingrad and the memory and living history of the people’s victory in their anti-fascist war for the right to be.

“Not one step back!” in the present demands conscious acts of organized resistance in defence of the rights of all. It requires a working class organized as one class with one program to defend its rights and the rights of all. The victory in the battle for Stalingrad inspires the working class and its allies to mobilize themselves and unite as one with one program, determined and organized to defend their rights no matter how powerful U.S. imperialism and its flunkies may appear.

The affirmation of Stalingrad’s right to be in the face of German aggression proved that with organization and resistance a new quality can emerge more powerful than the anarchy, violence and abuse of rights of even the most dominant imperialist. For this to occur in the present, the working class and its allies must step up their mobilization and conscious organizing work to defend the rights of all against the attacks of U.S. imperialism and its global sycophants.


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