Callout For March 15th International Day Of Police Brutality!!!!!!

14 Feb

A day to take the streets against police brutality.
Friday March 15th 5:30 PM Kitchener City Hall Free Food Speakers and March!!!

March 15th is international day against police brutality, this year our focus is the increased militarization of policing; particularly counter insurgency models promoted by the OPRID, such as PAVIS.

We will be releasing a peoples report in response to the OPRID report on police complaints which will be released this Feb. This report is based on a consultation where police imposed their agenda of promoting the PAVIS style model of policing in spite protest from community groups that were being consulted, many walking out in disgust.

To counter this report we are putting together a people report on policing which will be done through interviews and compiling data in our community on policing and we will present this to the police at the end of our March!!!

Want to participate or be interviewed for our people report? Come to the Queen Street Commons, Wednesdays at 6pm.

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