Wynne Takes Over Where McGuinty Left Off!!!!

20 Feb

Wynne Takes Over Where McGuinty Left Off

Legislature Opens Amidst Growing Affirmation of Rights and Opposition to Austerity
– Enver Villamizar –

The opening of the Legislature is taking place amid continued affirmation of rights and opposition to austerity by the workers’ opposition. Since the passage of the austerity budget by the Liberals and PCs with the NDP abstaining on March 27, workers immediately took their own stands against the budget and the austerity measures it put forward. This was clearly expressed with a mass rally at Queen’s Park on April 21.

April 21, 2012 mass action of Ontario workers against austerity

Since then teachers, education workers, students, and workers from different sectors of the economy have continued to be in action to oppose the implementation of the austerity agenda, holding another mass action on August 28 at the Legislature, along with many local actions. All of this mobilization formed public opinion for the recognition of the fact that the fight to defeat Bill 115 is a fight for the rights of all in society and against the theft of billions from education to pay the rich. The test of this and of the capacity of the working class to take an independent stand in its own interest was the resounding defeat of both the Liberals and PCs — those who had passed Bill 115 and staked their electoral fortunes on it in the Kitchener-Waterloo by-election.

December 13, 2012, Queen’s Park, rally of thousands of high school and elementary students
from across Toronto against Bill 115 .

The Legislature was prorogued by then-Premier Dalton McGuinty on October 15. Prorogation was an attempt to sidetrack this growing opposition. It was an attempt to “reset” the austerity agenda through backroom deal-making while seeking to calm the workers’ opposition. During prorogation however, the Liberals, egged on by the PCs, continued to use their prerogative powers to implement all manner of anti-social attacks on Ontarians that had been passed in their budget. At the same time, the working class of Ontario stepped up its actions to affirm its rights and oppose these attacks. Demonstrations were held weekly outside many MPPs’ offices, large actions were held at the Liberal Leadership debates, students held walkouts and rallied in their thousands at Queen’s Park, elementary and secondary teachers and other education workers voted massively in favour of strike action and held regular pickets in front of their schools. This growing opposition showed its strength once again with a mass rally of some 30,000 people at the Liberal Leadership Convention where Kathleen Wynne was selected as leader and premier. Since her selection as Premier Wynne continues to try and avoid dealing with the demand that governments affirm the rights of the people instead of violating them. Instead she has put forward the call for “fairness” in implementing austerity. This is to divert from the demands being put forward by the Workers’ Opposition in Ontario:

No to Austerity!
Hold Governments to Account!
Repeal the Austerity Measures in Bill 115!


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