Resist police intimidation, dont tell them shit!!!!

21 Feb

Yesterday, at six oclock a police officer decided to come and “hang out” and get a coffe at a local community space. While inside he was talking to people and “chit chating” asking people questions about activists and who hangs out there.

This was done at the exact time and location where we ask people to come forward with stories and information about there experiance with the new PAVIS model of policing for our people report on community policing that will be released on march 15th.

The presense of this police officer had nothing to do with being nice and wanting a coffe but rather was an attempt to intimidate people from participating as well an attempt to gather information and normalize the presence of police in community and political spaces.

Ironically as he left he took flyers that were in this space that dealt with issues of anti imperialism, making it obvious that this trip was an attempt at information gathering, and demonstrating the political nature of his visit.

We call on all people to refuse to be intimidated by police, as well as ask people not to talk or give any information to police. There so called chit chat has nothing to do with being nice or caring but rather is an attempt at gathering information, and nromalizing there presence in our community.

We demand police withdraw from community spaces and end there campaighn of creating fear at peoples participation in polittics.


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