statement on behalf of republican pows ssu maghaberry concentration camp

27 Feb

statement on behalf of republican pows ssu maghaberry concentration camp

a chara,we the republican prisioners being held in isolation send solidarity greetings to all our comrades friends and are just a few words to update yous on the continuing you know we are into our 5th month of this degrading and inhumane dirty protest,we have lost all privileges and are locked in our cell 23hrs a day,with only awalk around a small yard to break the monotony of the long days.we still refuse to cut or shave our hair and only wash when we havevisits which the prison authorities continue to force us to take within the general population of the jail,even thoughwe have endured abuse and threats from loyalists within the a group we have considered refusing visits in the general population but after debate and advice from our friends family and comrades we believe it is not the way to get our message accross to the people on the outside.there is other ways.despite the treatment from the prision authorities we are all in good form and keep each other going in craic,we had a big morale boost last week when our comrade gavin coyle was moved downstairs with his comrades.we would like to thank the people from all over ireland,scotland,america canada and all over europethat has sent us cards and letters of support,and from all the lads in roe 4 and ourselves we would like to say a big thanks.

victory to the dirty protest victory to the pows

commanding officer ssu pows maghaberry ssu.


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