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Hands Off North Korea!!!!!

31 Mar

Hands Off North Korea!!!!

Monday April 15th 6:30 PM Kitchener City Hall

Rally and March

Defend North Korea’s right To Determine their own Destiny. No to Anglo American Imperialist intervention!!!!Reject U$\Harper’s warmongering!!!!

KW Occupy Answer Unist’ot’en’s call and Hit Bank

30 Mar

on Thursday KW Occupy and local indigenous solidarity groups participated in the week of actions against illegal pipelines on unceded Native territory by joining in a picket of Royal Bank Of Canada, and then Occupying the Bank.

RBC is one of the big finacers of illegal pipelines on Stolen land and continues to show no respect for the enviroment and indigenous Rights. They are also finacing line 9, a dangerous pieline that goes through unceded Six Nations territory, pumping out tarsands oil for the rich.

When occupy entered the bank they explained via megaphone why they were there and unfurled a banner. Despite all the bank cameras, employees had an issue of us taping what was happening for our own saftey and to document what was going on. The recording was just done with interactions of us and employees and no civilians were taped.

After leaving the bank we joined our comrades outside explaining to people why we were there.

Later the police showed up and tried to tell us how to protest more effectivly (lol) and gave us fashion tips.

All in all the action was successful and we continue to target those that finance the destruction of unceded Native Land.

Easter Commemoration report back

29 Mar

On Thursday members of anti colonialist working group assembled outside a monument to hold an Commeration for the 1916 Easter uprising. The event began with the reading of the proclamation and some words from James Connelly. Then severeal speeches were given. A very nice wreath was laid for all those who died fight for a unified 32 county Irish Republic. The event ended with laying of tobbacco to honor those indigenous people here who died fight colonialism. the event was a success.

Anti Colonialist Working Group Speech to be read at todays Easter Commoration

28 Mar

On Behalf of Anti Colonialist Working Group i would like to send revolutionary greetings to the 32 County sovereignty movement, their leadership and there membership currently incarcerated, Particularly Marian Price, who has been locked up in isolation for over 650 days for participating in a commemoration similar to this in Derry. i would also like to send revolutionary greetings to those on roe four in MagHaberry, Particularly those Four lads on dirty strike incarcerated with loyalist still denied the right to be with their comrades on roe four. The perseverance in the face of brutality that Republican prisoners have shown gives truth to the words of Bobby Sands “The British have nothing in their whole arsenal that can break the spirit of an Irish person”.

i would also like to send greetings to those organizations fighting for the rights of Irish POWS, the IRPWA and SOLAS POWS. i would especially like to commend the internationalist spirit of SOLAS POWS that stands not only with IRiSH POWS, but POWS across the world such as the Cuban five and others. Their dedication and hard work is a demonstration of the spirit of Anti imperialist internationalism.

We stand before this monument here that is dedicated to the patriotic dead. To the imperialists this monument is a symbol of wars of aggression, and a way to pay lip service to whole generations of the working class butchered in the wars of the rich, yet today we stand here to remember the true patriotic dead, who died not for king and kaiser but rather for their right to determine their own destiny. Those like Pearse and Connolly who died so that Irish people could be free from the Colonialist yoke. This spirit, the spirit of Republicanism that lived in the hearts of the Quincy Brigade, an irish group of Volunteers who fought fascism in Spain lives today in the hearts of peoples around the world resisting the theft of their land, and this spirit cant be broken by bullets, jail or treaties.

It is this spirit we gathered here today honor as anti imperialists and internationalists.

Anti Colonialist working group stands with all fighting Colonialism not just in Ireland but here as well, and it warmed my heart several days ago when Indigenous resistors not only wore easter lilies but one acknowledge the friendship and work that some Irish people have done for those colonised here by the same crown.

We pledge to continue our solidarity for those fighting for a unified 32 County Ireland free of English military and economic control.

Victory to Óglaigh na hÉireann

KW Occupy Occupies Crown Attorneys office!!

27 Mar

Today KW Occupy, in response to intensification of state attack, went to the office of the crown attorney, who is the representative of the attorney general to drop off a letter. The letter had four demands

1.An end to political prosecutions
2.Free all Political Prisoners in KKKanada
3.End the theft of low income and marginalized children carried out by CAS
4.End the targeted Prosecution and attacks on marginalized communities.
5. Remove the lie from the courthouse door stating that you can not record court proceedings.
Given the fact that the office illegally refused to take the letter, we pulled out a megaphone and read our demands. Police officers, pretending to be movers stated that there was no one there qualified to take our demands. We pointed to the secretary, and the undercover told us that they were busy. We stated we could wait all day.

The police then stated that if we would not leave they would search us, we stated we had nothing to hide and demanded that someone take our letter. Police then threatened to arrest us, which we said they could not because as citizens we have the right to deliver our message to the Attorney General, of whom the crown is there representative and as such they must take our letter, we also stated they have no grounds to force us to leave.

At this point police started to threaten to sieze someones cellphone for taking pictures. Despite the fact that there is no law against taking pictures, they continued to intimidate this person to delete the pictures of us in the office. When we pulled out court documents showing our right to record activities they stated that this is not a courthouse.

We stated we are calling our attorney, yet despite this they illegally tried to take the phone. Not wanting the police to have any info they dont need, the person with the cellphone was intimidated by police to delete the pictures.The police then coerced an end to the occupation by preparing to arrest people. As we were leaving police then attempted to assault one of our members, despite this we taped our demands to the doors of the courthouse.
This was a political victory because we took the struggle to front steps of our enemy and showed that we are not intimidated.

This is one of the first of many occupations and actions aimed at those who implement a system of injustice and criminalization!!!!!

When humanity is silent.

26 Mar

i was sitting at home waiting for a friend and decided i should go on youtube, kill some tim that sort of thing. i started by watching a vdeo on che, and after several videos i stumbled upon a mini series about the Shankill Butchers.

The Shankill Butchers, a loyalist sectarian group of thugs worked with impunity for almost a decade, killing catholics in the most gruesome possible ways. Throuhts were cut, blodd drained and torture inflicted. If one exaimined it it was not the simple violence of someone fighting for an aim or goal but rather, the sadistic work of people who enjoyed what they were doing.

Watching this miniseries I felt myself sicken, not only at the brutality, but the fact of the matter is that the movie pointed out that many people in the police and the loyalist community knew who the killers were, yet did noting to stop them.
Watching loyalist, RUC officers and others interviewed, two things struck me the first was the wall of silence surrounding these henious crimes and the secound was the rationalization that justified the silence.

Decades later everyone condemned the crimes and tried to distance themselves, coming up with excuse after excuse of why they did nothing, as well as shift the blame but the reality of the situation is diffrent. These crimes were committed in a political climate influenced by anglo suppremacy and the sad reality is that to most of the people interviewed in the film, they really didnt care about some catholics ending up dead, and in the climate of Anglo supremacy there silence in many ways reflected the benifit that they gained from Anglo Supremacy. For to condemen the Shankill butchers was to condemn the political climate that lead to those acts which was the ideology of the inherant supremacy of the colonizer over the colonized. The Shankill butchers were not an anomoly but rather the logical conclusion of the system of British occupation that is still in place today.

Living in a first world nation based on the ideology of first world supremacy, colonialism and genocide against nations here and abroad I sometimes wonder what my role in all of this is. yes I am not the one persent but i benifit from the system built on the flesh and bones of children in Gaza, slavery and genocide of the peoples whose lands im on. Though I wonder the correct way to act and what tactics are appropriate or not, one thing I never wonder about is the fact that I have a duty to not be silent as the world powers butcher people here and abroad for profit. For in this context silence is consent to what is being done and the butchery that the state calls forighn and domestic policy.

i dont have all the answers but the one thing i do know is after the collapse of the evil empire i dont want to be on some youtube clip explaining why i sat silent as other people were murdered and butchered for my beifit.

Harpers “Panda” incident is typical of colonialist contempt!!

26 Mar

This blog is aimed at settlers in KKKanada, indigenous peoples of this territory dont need a settler to tell them what they already know!!!
Yesterday, after treking 1600 km to parliment to address concerns about attacks on their hereditary rights, the Nishiyuu walkers, were snubbed by Harper, who instead of meeting with them decided to accept some Panda’s sent from China.

On Facebook many people made jokes about this, some seeing this as a gaff on his part, others as poor politics, but the reality of the situation is that this act was an open provocation. By refusing to meet with Indigenous youth, whose lands he is on he was sending a message, and the message is totally in line with his new forieghn policy, which is that, the old arrangements are over and as such he is bound neither by treaty or international law.

In other words, protest all you want, go to your MP’s, sighn as many petitions as you can, and you will be ignored. if the issues that you raise gain credability and generate international opinion, this too can be ignored, and your character will be attacked in the corparate media, eg. Cheif Spence

This new arrangement in Colonialist relations here and abroad simply put is based on rule by decree and blatent force. Whether ignoring international law in support of Zionist genocide against Palestinians, attacking Cuba, continueing an illegal occupation of Afghanistan or destroying treatys that legitimise the existance of a settler state here in KKKanada, Harpers message is the same, rule of law, treaties and international agreements can be ignored as discussion and politics is replaced with the ideology of might makes right.

What this means is that Colonialism no longer needs to have a human face and the farce of democracy can be scrapped, replaced with brutal open honest capitalist exploitation and rule of the rich. With the collapse of the eastern bloc and the emergence of the hegemony of the Anglo Imperialist alliance, capitalism and imperialism see no reason to play nice any more and as such are working to destroy all the old arrangements. This means an attack on international law, scrapping the labour manegement alliance and destroying an sort of arrangement that gets in there way of accelerated exploitation and genocide of colonized peoples here and abroad.

In light of this it does not serve anyones interest to wish for or hope for a return of the old arrangements. These arrangement are gone and wont come back. Nor does it do anyone any good to hold an nostolgia of the days of Trudeau who had no problem sending the tanks in the streets when the French people in Quebec could not be bought off and demanded the right to determine there own destiny. After all it was under these old arrangements that a U$Democrat invaded and murder 4 million people in Vietnam, while unleashing counter insurgency programs aimed at wiping out resistance at Pine Ridge Reservation and killed Fred Hampton in his sleep.

What we must do, as setllers is fight for new arrangements that serve all. This starts with recognizing the fact that Indigenous Hereditary rights are not negotiable!!!!!As such it is our duty not only to respect these rights but uphold our side of the two row by dismantaling the colonialist state that kills in our name. This, my friends cant be done through any of the old ways such as relying on politicians, lobbying etc. and playing there games. We need to create our own independent politics based on a concrete analysis of the present reality, and use this as a weapon to resist this system that lives off the blood of the exploited and oppressed before it claims more victims

Building Grassroots Community Power in Mishkeegogamang and Savant Lake: Reportback, Discussion and Fundraising Event

26 Mar

Building Grassroots Community Power in Mishkeegogamang and Savant Lake: Reportback, Discussion and Fundraising Event

Date and Time: Tuesday March 26, 2013 @ 7-9pm
Place: Queen Street Commons, 43 Queen St S, Kitchener (Downtown)

… Join us for a discussion with delegates from the ILPS Commission on Indigenous People’s Struggles and a report back on the Commission’s recent trip to Savant Lake, Ojibwe Nation of Saugeen and Mishkeegogamang, Ojibwe First Nation.


Darlene Necan, an Indigenous delegate to the Commission from Savant Lake, Ojibwe Nation of Saugeen, is on the frontline of anti-colonial struggle in her community. Mining, clearcutting and herbicide spraying is destroying the ability for her people to live off the land. She is working tirelessly to build grassroots power and resist the destruction of her sovereign territory. Darlene is facing repression from the Band Council and Ministry of Natural Resources for speaking out against the poisoning of traditional food sources and lack of adequate housing.
Darlene and her supporters plan to build independent instutitions to meet the needs of her people. She has already built a cabin for an elder in need, despite precious little resources. She is driving for 22 hours, in order to come share her story with us.

Gary Wasaakeysic, an Indigenous delegate to the Commission from Mishkeegogamang, Ojibwe First Nation, is a grassroots activist speaking out against issues of missing and murdered Indigenous women, police brutality, housing crises and mining on his people’s territory.
Highway 599 runs right through Mishkeegogamang and is a key artery for allowing the million dollar ventures of mining companies in Northern Ontario. Yet, his community faces severe overcrowding and poverty. Gary is on the frontlines of resisting this oppressive contradiction.

Indigenous and non-Indigenous Commission delegates recently returned from a trip to both communities which served to build the Commission, strengthen relationships and learn more about the struggles. They will speak to the reasons why and the ways in which people in Southern Ontario can support in order to build a strong united front against Canadian colonialism and its destruction of Mother Earth.

*** Call for support ***

These organizers struggle for resources to have basic necessities for life, let alone to further their organizing.

The event is FREE but generous donations are greatly needed and appreciated.

Darlene,Gary and the organizers they work with, also need the following materials as soon as possible. If you can spare any of these items, please do so to directly help indigenous delegates of the ILPS Commission build grassroots power in their community:
– – Computer of any kind (or monitor, keyboards, etc)
– – Printer
– – Camping supplies

Join us in supporting this inspiring struggle for the Land, and all Life.

Easter commemoration events, letter writing and ceremony

25 Mar

Letter writing night to Irish POWS
March 27th 7:00PM 43 Queen St. Kitchener

Lets send some letters to those in MagHaberry, as well as Price and others, to show them that they are not alone. The Easter Uprising of 1916 gave birth to the Modern Republican Movement, this thursday lets honor those who maintain the spirit of 1916.

Commemoration Thursday. March 28th, Kitchener 3:00 pm

Those interested in attending please send me a private email at

RUC/PSNI Collusion – The Return

25 Mar

From Derry 32csm webpage
RUC/PSNI Collusion – The Return

It has been brought to the attention of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement that RUC/PSNI have been passing on information about family members of Republicans to Individuals they would construe to have Loyalist tendencies.
The son of a local Republican was stopped by one of the individuals in question who informed him that a PSNI patrol had stopped them on a random checkpoint and dropped his name saying that he was “Running the show out there!”
The man who knew the Republican’s son to see, actually stopped him and said he wanted to make him aware of what had happened and to distance himself from this.
The father of the man in question had previously recorded a threat against himself and his family by the RUC on a telephone which he had played at Public meetings before the RUC raided his house and removed all electronic equipment including the phone the recording was on.
It appears that the PSNI have not moved on as Stormont would have you believe.. That they are still using the same collusive methods and passing on information in the hope that not only Republicans but the families of Republicans be targeted by Loyalists.
The realisation that the Good Friday agreement is not and has not been working is dawning on more and more Republicans. They see the remilitarisation on the streets, the abuse of Republicans and families by the unreformable RUC, Torture, isolation and attempted Criminalisation of Republican POWs, Vilification and targeting of Irish Culture, Collusion rehashed and reintroduced, Hierarchy of Justice/Civil Rights and a total imbalance and partiality whilst visiting Apartheid on Republicanism.
Day and daily, this is getting worse and we ask that Republicans waken up to the blatant injustices planned from on high and implemented by the Stormtroopers of the RUC.