Opening Up Metro Hall as an Emergency Shelter: NO MORE HOMELESS DEATHS

5 Mar

Opening Up Metro Hall as an Emergency Shelter: NO MORE HOMELESS DEATHS! Thursday, March 7th11.00 AMMetro Hall: King and John St, Toronto The City of Toronto refuses to admit that the homeless shelter system isin a lethal crisis of overcrowding. By the City’s own admission, homelessshelters are operating at 96% capacity. This represents conditions of suchovercrowding and tension that people are being forced onto the streets andlives are being lost. Every effort has been made to convince both theadministration and politicians to act and open an emergency facility butwe have been met with steadfast refusal. City Council refused even todebate the issue when this was proposed by Councillor Adam Vaughan. In 1999, the Council of the day voted to give Hostel Services the right toopen more space whenever the capacity in the shelters exceeded 90%.Indeed, during that year, Metro Hall was opened for three weeks as ashelter so that the pressure on the rest of the system could be eased.Yet, today, under Rob Ford administration fully committed to an agenda ofausterity, an even worse situation is being dismissed and the line comingfrom the City is to deny the crisis. There have been at least 8 homelessdeaths since the beginning of 2013, and 34 deaths in 2012 alone. At thebeginning of February the 700th name was added to the Toronto HomelessMemorial. If the City will not act then we will. On March 7, we are going back toMetro Hall to open it as a shelter and we are appealing for the broadestsupport in order to make this happen. We will be mobilizing homelesspeople who need shelter to join us that day but we also ask unions,community organizations, church congregations and people of conscience tocome and stand with us for the basic human right to shelter. HOW YOU CAN SUPPORT/GET INVOLVED: If you are someone who does not wish to live in a City where people areabandoned to die on the streets, then join us on March 7. If you wish todonate sleeping bags or other supplies, call our office. If yourorganization would like to help build this event, if you would like us tocome and talk to you or just need more information to make an informedchoice, then contact us by calling (416) 925-6939 or by e mail Thank you for all support and solidarity in this vital action See information about past events on this issue here: On Facebook: The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP)


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