Resist Police intimidation of Irish Solidarity Activists, Statement from Anti Colonialist Working Group KW

12 Mar

Over the past several months, local police, intelligence and RCMP have been attempting to intimidate activists engaged in Irish Solidarity work here in Canada. This harassment ranges from Mi5 asking stupid questions during a peaceful picket during Prince Charles visit last year,to having British security at the consulate write down people’s description who are protesting for the Release of Price and Corey, to tailing activists, asking them stupid questions, and trying to intimidate people engaged in legal banner drops.

Police and lackeys of the state should know that we are not going to be intimidated from expressing our solidarity with those facing repression from the British state, nor are we stupid enough to answer stupid questions. This level of harassment is an indicator of the success that we are achieving raising these issues and means we are being effective.

Given the torture, brutality and kidnapping that Irish Republicans are facing in Ireland and the occupied Six Counties, it is our duty to speak out and not be silenced especially since it pales in comparison to what the POWS are suffering for taking a stand under British Occupation.

Anti Colonialist Working Group is Calling on all people who experience this harassment to document it, ask for names agencies etc, give nothing other then your name and address if you are legally obliged.

Take pictures of cops, spooks and intelligence agents if you can on your cellphone, and write down everything right after it happened.

To all state agents reading this we know our rights and will not be intimidated and will continue our political work until ALL political prisoners are FREE!!!!


Anti Colonialist Working Group KW


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