An Appeal to People of Conscience Regarding the DPRK’s Just Response to U.S. Preparations for a Second Korean War

13 Mar

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Hands Off Korea!

An Appeal to People of Conscience Regarding the DPRK’s Just Response to U.S. Preparations for a
Second Korean War

On March 7, a spokesperson for the DPRK Foreign Ministry issued a statement in which it said that the U.S. is working to ignite a nuclear war to stifle the DPRK. The spokesperson denounced the Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises that the U.S. is carrying out on its shores, saying they bring the situation on the Korean Peninsula to the brink of war.

The military exercises “are manoeuvres for a nuclear war aimed to mount a pre-emptive strike on the DPRK from A to Z,” the DPRK spokesperson said. The spokesperson also denounced the plans of the U.S. to use the UN Security Council resolution to justify launching a war under the auspices of the UN. The spokesperson warned that should the UN pass the U.S. resolution, it would show, “all efforts at self-restraint on the part of the DPRK are to no avail as no diplomatic solution is possible and there remains only military counter-action.”

On March 8, the UN Security Council went ahead and passed the Resolution. The resolution steps up sanctions against the DPRK for protecting itself against the U.S. nuclear threat and protecting its sovereignty and right to be. What is not acceptable is that the resolution blamed the DPRK for creating tensions on the Korean Peninsula. In fact, the DPRK has been the victim of heinous crimes committed primarily by the U.S. imperialists. This started even before the 1950 U.S. war of aggression against Korea conducted under the auspices of the U.N., with the participation of the armed forces of 14 other UN members including Canada. It started in 1945 when the U.S. occupied the south of Korea and reintroduced a Japanese administration. This was done despite the fact that the Korean people had defeated the Japanese occupiers through a bloody and heroic national liberation war. The crimes committed by the U.S. military in Korea stand second to none, with many estimates saying on a per capita basis they surpass even those committed by the German Nazis in Europe or the Japanese militarists in Korea, China and throughout Asia.

Even after the Korean people defeated the U.S. forces in the Korean War and forced them to sign a ceasefire in 1953, the Americans violated its terms from the outset and continue to do so. Besides other wanton violations, they have deployed nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula, all aimed at the DPRK. In recent years, they have begun to conduct ever larger annual war exercises with nuclear armed naval fleets and warplanes.

The DPRK has repeatedly demanded that the ceasefire be turned into a peace treaty and its security protected by the international community. The country cannot countenance the damage caused to the Korean people and the Korean nation from a repeat of the Korean War and nor should the international community. However, the official circles of the Western world and the UN refuse to recognise the devastation caused by the U.S. imperialists despite these crimes being well known with proof supplied by the Korean government and facts established in official inquiries. Countless U.S. soldiers, who participated in the first Korean War, have also attested to the depths of depravity to which the U.S. sank in Korea. Why then do the official circles of the Western world and the UN remain silent about these crimes? Knowing the history of the U.S. in Korea and what it has done since the Korean War, why do governments and international agencies, which claim to act in defence of Peace, Freedom and Democracy, not sympathize with the well-founded concerns expressed by the DPRK? Why do they blame the victim for causing tensions on the Korean Peninsula, not the victimizer who continues to occupy the south of the Peninsula and engage in countless military provocations? Who is to protect the right of the Korean people to live free of the threat of war and aggression by the U.S.? If the UN will not protect their right to live free from aggression and the constant threat of aggression coming from U.S. military bases established on their own Peninsula and from U.S. nuclear armed warships prowling their waters, U.S. warplanes constantly flying in their skies and U.S. space satellites spying and directing its military from above, how can the DPRK be expected to rely on the UN? The UN did not stop U.S. and other Western powers in their aggression against the former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Mali, and from Obama’s drone warfare against Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere.

These are serious questions that concern the most sacred cause of peace not only on the Korean Peninsula and for the peoples of Asia, but for the peoples on the entire world. It is not legitimate to dismiss these concerns by blaming the DPRK as the source of tensions and punishing an entire population of 26 million people with severe sanctions and threats.

For twenty years since the end of the bi-polar division of the world, the need to renew the UN Security Council has been on the agenda. It has become the pawn of the U.S. striving for world domination. Even the other great powers cannot keep the U.S. in check because they too feel compelled by their own narrow interests to compete with the U.S. to share the spoils of the imperialist division of the world and constant warfare. The international mandate that all nations, big or small, are equal and that their right to self-determination must be upheld has no champion in the UN Security Council. What should smaller countries do?

In the case of not only Korea but Iran as well, the nuclear issue is used to condemn them as pariahs and their states as rogue nations. A definition whereby these small countries and not the imperialist marauders can be declared rogue states was first introduced by the Anglo-American powers including France following the collapse of the former Soviet Union. They declared through the Paris Charter adopted by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe in 1990 that any nation, which did not follow a market economy, a multiparty electoral system and what they define as human rights, no longer belongs to the international community of civilized nations. It was subsequently enshrined as a guide to the conduct of the United States and its European and Anglo-American allies by George W. Bush when he declared various nations an “axis of evil” to be obliterated from the face of the earth. Today U.S. President Obama has extended this theory by endorsing drone warfare, which permits targeted assassinations and undercover-inspired rebellions to overthrow what he deems to be pariah regimes.

It is unacceptable that the fate of world peace should remain in the hands of the big powers who have not seen fit to repudiate these definitions once and for all by making sure the UN Security Council, charged with safeguarding the sacred cause of world peace, is renewed by eliminating the big power veto and enlarging the council to include a legitimate representation of the peoples of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, which comprise the vast majority of the world’s people.

Seoul, March 7, 2013. Signs read: “Stop the war exercises”; “The Start of War = The End of Everything”
As concerns the nuclear issue, the big powers that control the veto in the Security Council – the U.S., Russia, China, France and Britain – have always declared themselves an exclusive nuclear club where they possess a nuclear monopoly and decide who else can and cannot have nuclear weapons as well as use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. On this basis, they permitted their allies, the apartheid South African regime and Israel to produce nuclear weapons and have since tolerated India and Pakistan. They denounce as rogues those countries seeking to fashion their own way of life and do not tolerate them engaging in the development of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, or participating in space ventures such as the launching of satellites for purposes of communications or monitoring the weather, which greatly affects their economic planning and life. Those countries, specifically at this time the DPRK and Iran are constantly threatened with annihilation.

It is the sovereign right of every nation to determine its own way of life and affirm its right to be. The major concern of defending the sacred cause of peace cannot be sorted out if this right is not recognized. If this right has no practical defence, and the big powers are given free rein to usurp the decision-making power on a world scale, maraud the seven seas and the entire earth’s surface and outer space deploying military forces at will, it is they, not countries such as the DPRK, that are the cause of tensions everywhere, including on the Korean Peninsula.

The issue that all people of conscience have to answer for themselves is the following: If the rights of the Korean nation were recognized, if they were not being pushed to the brink of what they have clearly said means their extinction, would they be taking such measures as declaring their right to wage pre-emptive nuclear strikes to defend their sovereignty and right to be? The history of the past more than 60 years, not only their history but also that of all peoples everywhere, is proof of what they are saying at this time, “Justice can be defended only when strength is met with strength.” They have now drawn another conclusion: “Justice can be defended only when nuclear weapons are met with nuclear weapons.”

Will the world now listen? Who will join the Korean nation in its hour of need? Who will take responsibility for the sacred cause of world peace if not the peoples of the world who have sacrificed their lives time and again to hoist the banner of Peace, Freedom and Democracy, only to have it seized by their enemies and trampled it in the mud, bringing the world to the brink of calamity?

According to imperialist disinformation, the DPRK is the cause of tension on the Korean Peninsula and it must be stopped no matter what the cost. According to the imperialist disinformation, if only the leadership in the DPRK were not hysterical, making rhetorical threats to seek irrational advantage and dictatorial powers, there would be no problem on the Korean peninsula.

Perhaps the adage has come true, according to which “desperate times require desperate measures.” People should think about this seriously and ponder what the truth of the matter is. Whatever one understands to be the various sides in this dangerous conflict, or their motivations, what is certain is that all women and men of conscience everywhere are called upon by history to take a just stand. The problems left over by history demand that defenders of the sacred cause of Peace, Freedom and Democracy must come forward. The situation calls forth champions whose actions prove capable of leading the peoples to prevail over the dangers that exist and are becoming imminent with every passing day.

Korean seniors rally to demand north-south dialogue,
Seoul, March 7, 2013.
To find where justice lies, TML calls on everyone to participate actively in a serious inquiry, for such an inquiry has been blocked and the truth obscured by the big powers that control the UN Security Council and by the imperialist mass media. The people participating in such an inquiry should set their own parameters and the questions they must ask and answer to determine the truth of this life and death matter. This includes honestly answering questions such as whether the DPRK would be taking these measures if it were permitted to participate in world trade on the same terms as all countries are entitled to do, as is their right; if it were permitted to pursue its own way of life, as is its right and the right of all human beings to do, and to determine its own institutions and their fate, leaving it up to the wisdom of the Korean people to sort out the problems they face in moving their society forward, questions which face every society as an ongoing concern of how to establish decision-making processes that most effectively gauge the popular will and turn it into the legal will and put the state power in its service.

People should look into the history of the Korean nation and their institutions. What happened to the peoples’ striving for Peace, Freedom and Democracy after the Second World War? What threatens the sacred cause of peace at this time? What is the state of Freedom and Democracy in Europe, in the United States of America and in countries such as Canada and Mexico and the countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean? Can there be Peace, Freedom and Democracy today without opposing the U.S. imperialist’s striving for world domination and the contention that this brings from the other big powers?

TML urges the working class in this country and all its allies to take a serious stand that does not trivialize or dismiss the claims of the DPRK. Such a stand should start by rejecting attempts to blame the DPRK for the tension on the Korean peninsula. Workers know what it means to bear the burden for a society that deprives them of their jobs, their benefits and pensions and then blames them for their plight and makes them pay for an austerity agenda that benefits only the rich and powerful. Women know what it means to be blamed for sexual assault and domestic violence, and then to be criminalized when they stand up to defend their rights. Children know what it means to bear the brunt of systemic social, economic, cultural and political problems. Our prisons are filled with young people, especially those whose only crime is to be born poor or into an indigenous nation whose existence and territories stand in the way of marauding monopolies that have usurped the state power to further their own mania for privilege and power. TML calls on all persons of conscience to investigate who is to blame for the tension on the Korean Peninsula, to investigate who is the abused and who is the abuser.

To whom should we entrust the fate of the sacred cause of peace if not ourselves? What precisely is the United States doing in the Korean Peninsula with its nuclear stockpiles, continuous military occupation and war games? Is it there to safeguard peace? Is it there to uphold the banner of Peace, Freedom and Democracy? What arguments does it provide in its favour?

The Editorial Board of TML Weekly Information Project thinks these are important matters of conscience. We appeal to all men and women of conscience to take a just stand that favours the sacred cause of Peace, Freedom and Democracy. Since the position of the United States, Canada and other big powers fills the airwaves and newspapers, in this issue of TML Weekly we are providing arguments that the DPRK presents to substantiate its case and other pertinent views, comments and analysis. Join the discussion!


4 Responses to “An Appeal to People of Conscience Regarding the DPRK’s Just Response to U.S. Preparations for a Second Korean War”

  1. doug March 15, 2013 at 4:23 am #

    Julian …They really should throw your sorry commie ass the hell out of Canada.Move to Cuba you COMMIE lover!!

    • julian ichim March 15, 2013 at 5:13 am #

      this is a well thought out arguement against unprovoked agression, your response not so well thought out, and why wonder why i ignore you or delete you more inflamatory posts

      • doug March 15, 2013 at 1:22 pm #

        Well thought out????Just more drivel coming from a commie .Oh and I don’t wonder why you delete my posts since you have never been able to give a straight answer as why a commie like you is content to live off the Canadian taxpayer while all along criticizing the Canadian way of life.If it’s so bad here just leave……oh but where else could you go to continue your “free ride” and continued bashing of the “system ” without getting your ass locked up.

      • julian ichim March 15, 2013 at 5:05 pm #

        once again you just attack as opposed to argue what you disagree with, you put forward no analysis,just….in your words drivel, if you want to make a point deal with the political and historical arguements presented in this……ps…..check out what jimmy carter wrote on this subject…… cAnt accuse him of being a commie

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