March 15th demo a success

18 Mar

on march 15th people gathered at city hall to protest police brutality and release the peoples report on policing. After some rapping by Chico a speaker spoke about CAS using police to steal children with no regard for rule of law. Next a statement from Solas POWS was read, as well as the people report on policing. Someone from KW OCCUPY then spoke and people began to march.

As people Marched, many on lookers showed approval for this just stance. People then went to the police station which was locked down and handed a copy of the people report to the police. People then told there experiance with the new model of policing and continued to march.

When people marched by marys Place, a womans shelter, those inside were banging on the windows and cheering with approval. The March ended at speakers corner where a palestinian that was just passing by started yelling about his experiance with police, RCMP and the new security apparatus.

All in All the march was successful, not only because of those who participated, but because of the support from onlookers and the community .


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