20 Mar

Earlier today i was approuched by a friend of mine who is a liberal while i was having a smoke downtown and dealing with day

to day shit that someone who organizes poor people deals with, attempted suicide, horizontal violence, people getting lifted

by pigs, you know the shit that makes you have faith in the system, and makes you love the government. This guy is like “what

the fuck”, and for him to swear is a big thing, so that caught my attention. ” What kinda shit do you think you were pulling

the other night”? im trying to think did i steal someones booze? did i lipp someone off, was it some kind of shit i wrote on

my blog, so i ask him for clarification, and find out he was referring to our anti police brutality march here according to

him anarchists took over the street and acted like hooligans.

Now the fact of the matter is we did not break any law or engage in any hooligan like behaviour (maybe after at the bar some

of us got loud and boisturous), but me being me take offence first to being called an anarchist (For gods sake its not like i

dont refer to Che in like every secound statement or yell my politics at the top of my lungs), once we clear up my politics

(not that of other protestors, some who were anarchist) I find out that what really pissed him off was our sighn that stated

CoPS, SCREWS, MURDERERS, as well as my disagreement about the need for counter insurgency here in Ontario. After a bit of a

discussion, we agreed to disgree, more to do with the fact that I needed to meet someone then for lack of good arguemets (plus

my coffe was getting cold).

Walking away to meet my friend, im shocked at his reaction give the fact that most of what i was saying, and most of the

statements made during the protest were common sense. The conclusions we reached about policing did not come out of the sky

but rather are based not only on the collective experiance of people downtown, but on concreate investigation and analysis.

Our peoples report, which was released the day of the march, clearly showed that the people interviewed had little faith in

the system and no love for the new method of policing. More and more main stream newspapers such as the Toronto Star have

proven that police lie on the stand, rewrite there notes, and pull quite a few dirty tricks. Racial profiling and political

policing is no longer simply a discussion in leftist pamphlets and among those who feel it directly, but rather has become so

blatet that the polices own ‘independent” committies such as the OIPRD feel they need to change the public perception( as

opposed to the concrete realities.)

Dudley George was killed in cold blood simply for peacefully reclaiming native land, He was unarmed while his body was pumped

full of lead, while those OPP officers resposible got a slap on the wrist and the role of various government circles and

other collaborators are still not known. Otto Vas was beaten to death by a seven eleven and the officers that did this were

let off because he died of a heart problem (while he was being beaten, which is kinda like saying that someoe who is stabbed

didnt die from a stab wound but rather loss of blood which had nothing to do with the person being stabbed,). The number of

people killed by cops is so huge that if i were to go through every case i wound never finish this blog.im not even mentioing

the beatings, sexual assaults, false arrests, torture etc. that they commit in the name of “justice”. quite a few of the

people on my facebook have there own stories to tell about the violence they and there loved ones have faced at the hands of

the state.

Despite this the issue is not the increased assault on marginalzied communities but rather that we are so vulgar and

isensitive to peoples feeling because we are willing to call a spade a spade. To take a life or brutalize someone is

upholding the law, but to speak out against it is hooliganism.

i have mentioned my feelings on police several times and as most people know i hate ALL police. What i mean by that is i do

not hate the person who is a police officer, nor do i believe that they as people are intriicly evil but rather i hate the

uniform and what it stands for. The uniform means that they are armed agents of the state, and as such the state gives them

the legitmate use of force to implement the will of the state. When an officer wears the uniform they must implement the will

of the state, and in the context of a settler, bourgoise colonialist nation that means to ensure that the agenda of the

ruling class is implemented, no matter at what cost. This is something that any decent human being must whole heartidly



One Response to “Fuck ALL POLICE!!!!”

  1. doug March 21, 2013 at 3:38 pm #

    Some day when your getting a shit kickin from one of the homeless welfare bums down town I hope the cops just walk right on by and laugh.

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