The Men Above us Could Be Bought

22 Mar

Some people say that the problem with jail is that you are in a society of criminals and as such you will be forced to learn there mores and values and when you get out you will be a better criminal. if this is true, i wonder about my friends who have gotten jobs in various parts of the injustice system eg. lawyers, social workers,NGO’s working for groups like the NDP. If they spend there whole time in the halls of injustice, dealing with crowns, beurocrats and the like do they in turn adopt the mores and values of a society aimed at criminalizing workers and brutalizing the poor. eg. does there lense shift from seeing problems as they are to seeing cases, statistics numbers. If this is the case, then that would explain the failure of the revolution of the 1960’s as well as other uprisings where the middle strata student movement played a key role.

I am use to getting into political argueents and most people can tell you i am a calm and patient person. i have sat down and spent hours explaining racism etc. to streetyouth who dont know better, and quite a few times friends of mine of accused me of wasting time. When i fly off the handle is when i have political discussions with those who use to be corades and have fought NAZis and cops side by side with me and they just dont get it anymore. Its like im talking to somone else, its not that their hearts are not in the right place but rather to them everything is about such nonsense as getting the NDp elected, or legal reprecussions or other such stuff that they forget what it was, and is to organzize, and what really gets me is when they call me a fanatic or ideological purist for having the same outlook that we use to share years ago.

The thing that really burns is when you talk about the repression, survelliance etc. that you face they look at you like you grew a second head,or try to get you to seek justice in a system where from my experiance cops openly lie on the stand and all that matters is money (something that i obviously lack) and the worst things is NDP activists downtown see it and understand, where as your former comrades dont. They forget that to be revolutionary in a capitalist society, you cant find any solutions in the system that they themselves have desighned and you have no choice but to look outside of there paradighm of legal vs illegal to find solutions.

i was talking to a friend of Mine from a latin american country where the leading revolutioary party has been bought off and now in the name of implementing socialismwithout scaring people this organization is arresting and troturing there former comrades. At three in the mornig over a ciggerrttee, we talked about the theory that even in the 1980’s the leadership was planning to sellout the grassroots. I tended to disagree, i feel that this political oarty, after illegality for such a long time was put between a rock and a hard place and slowly they made oe small oncession, followed by another until they themselves became the administrators of the system that once brutalized and tortured them.

I am worried for my friends inside the system, not because of any political or ideological diffrence, but rather because one day , after making comprimise after comprimise and getting more and more comfortable they will realise they have become the enemy that they were once fighting.


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