Anti Imperialist Meeting for Cuban Five, Irish Prisoners, and Peltier a success!!!

24 Mar

Special Thanks to The Cuban Consulate for his attendance, and Beit Zetoun for there donation of Olive oil from Palestine.

On March 22nd people in Toronto gathered to learn about the plight of the Cuban Five, Irish Republican prisoners and Lenord Peltier. The evening began with introductions and screening of a film on the Cuban Five. This was followed by showing a fifteen minute interview of Colin Duffy, an Irish Republican, about the torture he endured in MagHaberry.

Afterwords, Revolutionary greeting from SOLAS POWS was read, as well as a letter from the Prisoners. This was Followed by reading a letter a fifteen year old wrote Peltier, as well as greetings from Rafael Cancel Miranda, a Puerto Rican Political prisonerer who spent alot of time in jail.

In these letters it became obvious that there was a commanality to all struggling against imperialism, for in the words of Miranada reffering to Irish prisoners and others “they are our brothers”.

The Night ended with a rafflee and people were happy.


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